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  1. wildwillow

    [GUIDE/Workaround] Using Intel HD530 with Dual Monitors

    Since the release of 10.11.4 Intel HD530 integrated graphics are working but not out of the box with a dual monitor set up. There are further steps required for most systems to achieve this feature, this is not to say that every system will work using these methods. I decided to add the steps...
  2. wildwillow

    Post Your MultiBeast 9 Screenshots for macOS Sierra.

    Thought I'd start this off for a compilation of system MultiBeast screenshots and load files. Asus Z170-Deluxe | i5-6600K | GTX970 macOS Sierra 10.12.3
  3. wildwillow

    [Update]CustoMac Mini 2012 | H77N-WIFI | i3-3225 | HD4000 | macOS 10.12

    Same Specs as my El Capitan Install Guide here : GUIDE : CustoMac Mini 2012 | H77N-WIFI | i3-3225 | HD4000 | OS X 10.11 (This is an update to macOS Sierra and not a fresh install). I have been running a dual drive set up on this system for quite some time, this consisted of OS X Yosemite...
  4. wildwillow


    Hi raphhyv23. Only legal way is through the Mac App Store. I guess you mean UniBeast failed. Take a look over this post and see if you can get a log of the failure UniBeast 6 Troubleshooting Notes |
  5. wildwillow

    wildwillow's Dual Boot Skylake Build : Asus Z170 Deluxe - i5-6600K - GTX970 SSC - 32GB RAM

    wildwillow's Skylake Build: Asus Z170 Deluxe - i5-6600K - GTX970 4GB SSC - 32GB Ram - Dual Boot 2x M.2 SSD's Components Asus Z170 Deluxe ATX Motherboard HDMI/DisplayPort
  6. wildwillow

    [GUIDE] : MSI Z97-Gaming 7 | i5-5675C Broadwell | HD6200 | 8GB 2400MHz OS X El Capitan

    SPECS : MSI Z97-Gaming 7 | i5-5675C Broadwell | HD6200 | 8GB 2400MHz OS X El Capitan 10.11.X | UniBeast & MultiBeast Having the opportunity to build a system with the MSI Z97 Gaming 7, I thought "What generation processor and graphics card should I get?" Already owning a very good Haswell Z87...
  7. wildwillow

    GUIDE : CustoMac Mini 2012 | H77N-WIFI | i3-3225 | HD4000 | OS X 10.11

    SPECS : H77N-WIFI | i3-3225 | 8GB(2x4) Memory | 120GB SSD | 2TBSSHD UniBeast 6.0 OS X El Capitan 10.11 I thought I would write up a guide for the 7 Series CustoMac Mini 2012. At the time of writing there are very few guides at all with either Z77 or H77. I'll be installing on a test...
  8. wildwillow

    Gigabyte Z77-DS3h - El Captain" - Installation

    For adding boot flags see How to Enter/Edit Boot Flags in Clover Type in nv_disable=1 -v and try booting the installer. You graphics will require the nVidia web drivers once you complete the installation. 10.11 Installation
  9. wildwillow

    Asus p7p55d Snow Leopard Grey Desktop

    What's happened to your system to not allow it to boot? BIOS corruption/power cut possibly. Check to see if AHCI in the BIOS is enabled for your SATA drives.
  10. wildwillow

    [Updated] wildwillow's Haswell Build: GA-Z87X-OC - i7-4770K - HD4600+GT 640

    wildwillow's Haswell Build: GA-Z87X-OC - i7-4770K - HD4600+GT 640 Clean install of OS X 10.10 Yosemite see Post #854 If you have OS X Mavericks installed, It is possible to update to OS X 10.10 Yosemite see Post #886 If you have Mountain Lion 10.8.5 installed. It is also possible to update to...
  11. wildwillow

    How to Do Software Updates: Best Practices

    How to Do Software Updates: Best Practices It is common problem for most of us that we lose Audio when updating OS X. This is because Apple replaces the AppleHDA.kext with the most recent AppleHDA in the update. The best way to update OS X is via the combo update which is announced by...
  12. wildwillow

    Post your Favourite Songs

    I was playing songs on my hack and decided to start a thread on what you guys listen too. So for starters I love my dance so I will start off!
  13. wildwillow

    Watching Star Wars in Animation script in Terminal

    Thought that i would share this you guys. Open Terminal and type this exactly telnet It will play Star Wars. Enjoy
  14. wildwillow

    itunes Store Video and Mosaic Colours HD4000

    Hi Guys, Having one problem with my latest build. (Audio Build in Signature) Has anyone tried watching a trailer or a movie through the itunes store? And if so does the picture come up on the screen jumbled? I have tried both the HDMI ports to no avail. Audio works but I cannot seem to get...
  15. wildwillow

    A Shot in the Dark! ALC883

    Hi All. I decided to update my original build(signature) to Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Everything is working extremely well. Graphics, Sleep, Ethernet, DVD drive etc. I seem to have hit a brick wall with the Audio. I never went past SL 10.6.8 on this Computer so I am unsure if audio would have...
  16. wildwillow

    What a great website and forum

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to Tonymacx86, MacMan, Toleda, Stork, Karacho, TheLostSwede, Samisnake, eelhead, GoingBald, and anyone else who I may have missed(sorry) including all the talented users of this forum. But there is no website on the planet that offers this much support...
  17. wildwillow

    GA-Z77MX-U3H TH availability in the UK

    I posted an email to the East Anglian sales advisor of Gigabyte here in the UK asking whether this board is going to be available to us here. I know many people would be interested in the MATX with thunderbolt. In response I received and an email and this is the response...
  18. wildwillow

    Mnt Lion Optical Audio Dilema

    Mountain Lion Optical Audio Dilema On my current Build(signature) I have linked a ( S/PDIF) optical sound bar for the past week, I have been watching movies from a server using VLC, listening to music channels through an Elgato eye TV with flawless sound quality. Today (tidy up day) i thought...
  19. wildwillow

    Hd pcie tv tuner card

    I was wondering if there is a compatible HD PCIE tuner card for OSX, I have read that there are some for windows yet are unable to find one that is with OSX. I live in the Uk and currently using Sky HD and would like to cancel it and use my Hackintosh as a complete entertainment package. There...