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  1. pinktank

    HDMI 10bit (Not 4k) RGB outputting 8bpc(banding)

    Hello all, I have a couple displays (NEC PA243W and EIZO CS2420) that get a 8bit signal (you can see stepped gradients) if I connect them via HDMI rather than DP. Sytem report shows 10 bit still but they are definitely not operating in 10. Was wondering if anybody had any idea. I know that with...
  2. pinktank

    USB Ejects at Sleep (incl. error reporting package)

    Hello all and @RehabMan . I've never solved the USB devices ejecting after sleep problem and thought I'd check in again with a full error reporting package. If it helps, I have another question that might or might not be related. Sometimes, usually if I let the computer sleep for a very long...
  3. pinktank

    Bcm94360cs2 Bluetooth - Keyboard Battery Always Low

    Hello All, For some reason, I always have a keyboard battery low error on this card (installed via adapter to replace the one bundled with the asrock z270 itx). The same keyboard (Apple wireless with AA batteries) works fine without alerts on other computers. Here is the system info on the...
  4. pinktank

    Radeon Finding: Framebuffer differences with different init displays.

    Hello, In polishing my most recent setup, I found out that if I boot the computer up with only the DP display plugged in, and then turn on my HDMI, the displayport comes on with a yuv/ycbcr/rgb color issue where whites are cyan and blacks magenta. Looking at the ioreg, you can see the...
  5. pinktank

    RX560 Freezes Randomly with blockFenceInterrupt.

    Let's start at the beginning. I tried to run this machine with just the HD630(7700k) using a 18,3 smbios, but it would give me random freezes that spammed the console so. I managed to find the fix in using 18,1, but only when and if I do NOT rename the IGPU to IGPU, and just let it be GFX0...
  6. pinktank

    HD630 Hangs Temporarily with IOAccelFenceMachine errors

    Hello, some others reported this as well, but trying to use the system with only HD630 attached, the system occasionally freezes for a couple seconds with console reporting the following opencl/gl related errors (attached below). Also attached is typical error reporting(ioreg, config.plist)...
  7. pinktank

    Can you update 10.3.1 to beta using the app store update?

    Hello all, Just wanted to check in and ask whether one can simply update to the 10.3.2 beta using the app store update and keep HFS(did not convert to afps in install), or does one have to make a usb installer and such?
  8. pinktank

    How much of all the fixes that MultiBeast/Clover apply by deault are necessary?

    ====== *edit The issue was twofold, multibeast generated a config list that used the long name versions of ACPI fixes (which are no longer required as of 4282 thanks to @RehabMan) and also includes some deprecated keys (KernelHaswellE) Clover configurator removes keys from config.plists if...
  9. pinktank

    Photoshop Crashes randomly: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS

    Hello All, My hackintosh works fine otherwise but rather annoyingly, Photoshop tends to crash every hour, usually while working with opacity masks and such matters. Attached is a zip file with several crash logs and my ioreg. The address of crash tends to repeat every 3-4 crashes, eg...
  10. pinktank

    [05/02 Added Temporary Fix] Pascal / GTX 1060 Glitching after waking from sleep

    With the latest web drivers, I have this issue where after a few seconds of running something that uses HW acceleration (like firefox) the display becomes super glitchy with flickering and partial inversions within the window I am working in. I don't have a ssdt patch for the card and I have...
  11. pinktank

    [solved] Crashes and Issues with HW Acceleration on GTX960 (not with hd7950)

    Solved by updating to sierra, 10.12.2 and the latest Nvidia Web Drivers (Sierra was a couple versions ahead of el capitan). Luxmark renders correctly, no crashes in capture one. So if you have a gtx960 that suffers from the same, bring on sierra. No other issues yet, just had to direct update...
  12. pinktank

    Corrupt EFI? Boots but cannot mount [GetMasterBlock: Error 13 opening /dev/rdisk0s1]

    So as of yesterday, I can't mount my EFI partition, efi mounter v2 just creating the folder but it remains empty, and manual terminal attempts yield GetMasterBlock: Error 13 opening /dev/rdisk0s1 Does anyone have a clue as to what might be causing this? My system boots fine and works perfectly...
  13. pinktank

    bit bizarre: random freezes when caching kernel only

    Hello All, Just wanted to put it in writing here for future reference in case others run into it. Whenever I enable kernel cache, regardless of however many times I rebuild it, I get random system crashes while using the browser (Chrome / Safari). These go away and make for a perfect system when...
  14. pinktank

    Help me identify photoshop crash reason (system report inside)

    Hello All, Photoshop keeps crashing randomly, most often when 1)using an eyedropper to set the black point of a curve layer 2)swapping foreground/background colour (keyboard shortcut X) Any ideas? Process: Adobe Photoshop CC [416] Path: /Applications/Foto/*/Adobe...
  15. pinktank

    Apple Bluetooth unpaired each boot + Can't use in bios

    Hello, So I bough a real apple bluetooth keyboard, and unlike the 10£ copycat, this one has trouble pairing each boot, and can't be used in bios, which I am guessing could be related errors. I have to turn off the keyboard and put it in discovery mode and hold the button while I re-connect for...
  16. pinktank

    hd4600 + gtx 660 on 10.9.2 = First HW accelerated video/animation garbled, rest is ok?

    This one is weird, with hd4600 enabled in bios screen connected to gtx 660 Mavericks straight installed from 10.9.2 smbios imac14,2 Toledo's patches applied (tried without as well) First of any hwaccelerated graphics is garbled pink noise, but anything I load after is fine. For example, I can...
  17. pinktank

    Strong OpenCL card compatible with Mavericks

    Since the nvidias are not working at the moment with opencl, and further failing power management, I was wondering, how are the others doing?
  18. pinktank

    Insert boot media/Press any key message on boot, boots away when key pressed (z87x-ud4h)

    Hello All, I've got an oddball problem preventing a build writeup. I used to have the infamous boot0 problem, I solved that, but now whenever I boot the computer, I get a message saying no boot media could be found, insert boot media and press any key. The weird thing is, it boots properly when...