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  1. tronic

    Reinstall on P55-UD3 & Radeon 4890

    hi, i want to reinstall today so i install 10.6.3. i followed the guide from the blog with iboot etc., but i can't boot the installer.... when i try with the iboot cd and boot the sl retail dvd, it stucks at com_chucko_realtek........ (see first picture) when i try an old tony boot cd, i can...
  2. tronic

    Can't shutdown any longer...

    Hi, when I try to shutdown my hackintosh (10.6.2 - tonys guide!), it stops when only my desktop wallpaper is visible, no dock, no menubar, no icons. I can't do anything then. Only a hard shutdown helps here. I already repaired the permissions, but no chance... Any advice? Regards.
  3. tronic

    Standby Fix for P55-UD3 / i5?

    Hi, does someone know how to get standby / sleep to work on a P55-UD3 / i5 processor? Regards C
  4. tronic

    Kernel Panic after OnyX Automation

    Hi, I did a complete OnyX automation on my p55-ud3 / i5 / SL 10.6.2. When it has finished, I restarted and got a kernel panic after clicking restart. And now, when I use the computer for 10min and want to shutdown or reboot, I get that kernel panic again and again. See screenshot! Regards.
  5. tronic

    Wifi - TP-Link TL-WN951N - 64bit not working

    Hi, I have a TP-Link TL-WN951N Wifi PCI card on my P55-UD3. I tried to get it to work with the instructions on (, but the card doesn't get regcognized by the system. Under Windows 7 it works perfectly. Any advice...
  6. tronic

    Wireless Keyboard in BIOS

    Hi, I got my MagicMouse today, works like a charme. Now I want to use my wireless keyboard again, but I fear that I can't make changes in BIOS with it. Is there a way to get the wireless keyboard to work in the BIOS before running OSX? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  7. tronic

    iPhone Issue

    Hi, I got following setup: OS 10.6.2 (Tony's Install Instruction!) Gigabyte P55-UD3 ATI Radeon HD 4890 1GB Ram ... Everything works except Sound (but I use USB speaks) and Wifi (but that's not necessary for now). I can connect every USB device I want, except the iPhone... When I connect the...