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  1. eosman

    Gigabyte Z77X-UP5/ UP4 TH: Thunderbolt and Realtek Audio :)

    Just noticed Gigabyte's new Thunderbolt Z77 boards at the Computex convention with Realtek audio :) Very excited about this! Edit: I wonder what Apple is going to do regarding the Mac Pro as the current Sandy Bridge-E...
  2. eosman

    Snow Leopard vs Lion: Reliability and Stability

    Has anyone gone back to Snow Leopard because of issues with Lion and their Hackintosh? I'm asking this because I'm debating to go back to Snow Leopard because I can't get my sleep to work. I had it working sort of in Lion where I could do it manually. Then I installed the please sleep app and...
  3. eosman

    Why do Non-Gigabyte boards require mods and sound question?

    Why is it that boards from Asus, MSI, ASrock and etc require mods to run OSX and do all of them require mods as they are based on the same chipset? Also the new ivy bridge Z77 chipset boards from Gigabyte use VIA audio. How do you tell the difference when looking at the specs online whether...
  4. eosman

    Anyway to get Native 1080p boot screen yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully got their apple boot screen to display properly on a 1080p monitor. I remember reading a while back the it was not supported so the white screen with the apple logo only took up part of the screen.
  5. eosman

    Gigabyte or Asus ?

    I know back in 2009 Gigabyte motherboards were the definite choice for building a hackintosh. I'm wondering if that's still the case today in terms of building a system with ease.
  6. eosman

    Question about the VoodooHDA and using -V

    Ever since I updated to 10.7.2 from 10.7.1 I cannot get into OSX without having to use the -V command. What does -V do that makes it boot into OSX? I basically get an error message regarding the VoodooHDA kext.
  7. eosman

    System Definitions for Lion Install

    Will lion still install and work properly with your system definition defined as an iMac 12,2?
  8. eosman

    Post a Picture of your Hackintosh Setup

    I thought I start a thread on posting pics of people's setups of their Hackintoshes. I'll get mine up tomorrow sometime :)
  9. eosman

    Asus Maximus III Gene 1156: Hassle Free Hackintosh?

    I noticed TonyMac has updated the DSDT database and I was wondering if everything works with the Asus Maximus III Gene for the socket 1156 now including the sound. Cheers, James
  10. eosman

    Recommend a SATA 3 - 6Gbps PCI-E card

    I'd like to add SATA 3 card to my hackintosh and was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  11. eosman

    Chameleon RC5 Does not load off of Hard Drive

    I have Windows 7 and OSX on the same drive with two different paritions. According to diskutil via OSX terminal, the OSX partition is ACTIVE. However Chameleon does not load. All I get is "loading operating system". The only way for me to get into OSX or Windows 7 is through the iBoot CD. I...
  12. eosman

    What is your Geekbench Score?

    TonyMac, if this is on the wrong thread please forgive me and move it to the correct forum. I have the following hackintosh. i5 750 @ 3.6ghz 8gb G.SKILL DDR3 2000 memory running at 1800mhz Gigabyte P55-UD4P 1TB Black Western Digital 7200RPM drive SATA 2 ATi HD5850 1GB graphics card OSX Snow...
  13. eosman

    OSX 10.7 'Lion' Oct 20th

    We probably won't see this until next year sometime as the article suggests but when it does come out hopefully its an easy upgrade for us hackintosh builders :) From: "Apple to hold 'Back to the Mac'...
  14. eosman

    Apple's 27 Cinema Display and Windows

    Apparently Apple's 27 inch cinema display has Windows drivers but only for bootcamp. Using the display will work on a hackintosh via snow leopard but booting into windows without bootcamp will limit the brightness to 50%. Hopefully someone will be able to take the Windows 7 bootcamp drivers and...
  15. eosman

    (Success) Nvidia 9800GT to ATi HD 5850: how?

    I'm just wondering if this is possible without having to reinstall Snow Leopard.
  16. eosman

    What happens with ATI Crossfire configs?

    What happens if you use bridge two HD 5770 ATI cards together on a hackintosh via crossfire? Does OSX even boot? or will it only detect one card? or does it not work at all?
  17. eosman

    Radeon eyefinity 6

    Any word if this card will work with just even one display in OSX 10.6.4? I like the idea of having a graphics card with a mini display port and that is why I'm asking. :)
  18. eosman

    Mouse & keyboard unresponsive with more than 1 hard drive !?

    Here is a strange problem. I have OSX on one drive and Windows 7 on another drive, and another hard drive formatted in NTFS with files on it. So I have 3 hard drives in my system. If I boot up in OSX with all three drives connected, OSX loads and I can move my mouse cursor, but the dock is...
  19. eosman

    Gigabyte P55-UD4P: Need Some Help with dual booting

    My system is currently setup as follows Two 640GB HDs in Raid 0 plugged into the Gigabyte Sata Ports (grey ones) for my Windows 7 installation. One 320GB HD for my OSX installation. My OSX installation only boots if I unplug my raid drives and plug the OSX drive into from the intel p55 blue...
  20. eosman

    Success with Gigabyte P55-UD4P...but

    I used the iBoot/ Multibeast setup and everything has worked with one slight issue. In order for my computer to boot, I have to use the white colored SATA port numbered '0' which is for the gigabyte raid controller. The blue sata ports are used by another controller. I tried using the BLUE Sata...