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  1. bones123

    GA-Z77-DS3H Sierra reboots on shutdown and reboots on sleep

    Hi Guys, I had a perfect El Capitan installation that was flawless 100% sleep, etc. I did a clean installation to Sierra and it runs great but when I goto power it down it reboots or if the system attempts sleep it reboots. When it reboots a screen comes up after clover and says the system...
  2. bones123

    Price check MacBook Pro 17" 2.8 ghz C2D 750gb HDD..

    Hey guys wanted to get opinions on this 17" MacBook pro.. My neighbor just got a new MacBook and is selling this pretty cheap. It's perfect new scratches or dents, power charger and box. I'm watching some on eBay but need to give him an answer tomorrow night. What would be a decent price...
  3. bones123

    I need wifi router recomendations (GB LAN and USB)

    My old belkin is about to take a crap on me. I'm looking for a new router under $100 if possible. Some features I want it to have are: 4 port Gigabyte Ethernet 1 USB decent range is a plus reliability is a must of course.
  4. bones123

    Sleep not working GA-P55A-UD3 F11 w/DSDT [SOLVED]

    When I manually press the sleep button the system goes to sleep, I wake with mouse to the fans coming back on but I have a blank screen. I hold power button to turn off, than try and boot and still have the blank screen. The only way to successfully POST is to turn off power supply for 10-15...
  5. bones123

    My Hac Pro G5 case

    My Hac Pro G5 case (updated 3/22/13) I bought a G5 case on craigslist for $50. I did the case mod last weekend and was going to replace the back with the lian li motherboard tray but the trays are out of stock and backordered. I wanted my new i7 setup running so I decided to just do a quicky...
  6. bones123

    Everything works till I switch to 64-bit mode

    I have everything working in 32-bit except wake from sleep with bluetooth and power button. When I switch to 64-bit through multibeast my audio and network are gone. The rest of the system runs great no errors. I try and reinstall the audio from multibeast and reboot with no success. Same...
  7. bones123

    progress bar goes backwards on bootup

    Hey guys, been reading on here for about a week and successfully installed 10.6.6 to my hackintosh with the instructions from the blog. I'm really enjoying this new hobby, and this website.. its been a lot of fun so far. After about a week of my system running I overclocked my E6400 to 3 GHz...