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  1. manouille

    10.9.5 update / hp probook installer

    can i update directly with Apple update ou may i download a specific file combo ? where can i find this one ? I message not working for me :( thanks for your help Man
  2. manouille

    install a SSHD 1 To instead CD DVD Writer ,

    Hi everybody i would like to install a SSHD 1 To instead CD DVD Writer , I found this part : Do you an other references ? Thanks for your Help . Manouille
  3. manouille

    IMESSAGE troubles on HP4530S

    Hi everybody i make an clean install on my HP4530S with : MAVERICK 10.9.0 oki UPGRADE 10.9.1 oki FACETIME oki SOUND Oki But when i want to acess to imessage , i put my I.D apple etc etc and he say : impossible to acess IMESSAGE etc , i change my password and nothing :( Notes ...
  4. manouille


    I wonder if someone has the file "KEYBOARD LAYOUT" AZERTY version France. Thank you in advance for your help ------------------------------------------- je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un a le fichier "KEYBOARD LAYOUT" Version AZERTY France . Merci d'avance de votre aide
  5. manouille

    MultiBeast 5.3 Update with 4530S

    Hi everybody , i would like to know if i can apply or update with multibeast 5.3 on my 4530S OSX LION 10.7.5 ? Which PROBOOK INSTALLER is the latest version ? Sorry for my deficient english :p Take care Thanks a lot Man ASSALA PAINTBALL
  6. manouille


    hello, I'm on Lion 10.7.5, and I have a little problem. As soon as I close the laptop without turning it off, I can not return to the desktop I have to restart the laptop is there a solution with the HP ProBook INSTALL or kext? Thank you in advance bonjour , je suis sur Lion 10.7.5...
  7. manouille

    [ FR / US ]EASY or not to ? UPGRADE LION 10.7.5 to MOUNTAIN LION 1.8.x

    EASY or not to ? UPGRADE LION 10.7.5 to MOUNTAIN LION 1.8.x voila je voudrais faire la mise a jour de mon HP4530s Lion 10.7.5 vers la version MLion 10.8.x. Est ce que je dois tout recommencer ? ou c'est à dire une réinstallation totale ? Ou dois je appliquer la version 10.8.x Retail...