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  1. oli.mathieu

    Mac Studio GPU performance

    Hello Since monday I've been working on Macstudio (M1 Max with 24 GPU cores) at work. I use DaVinci Resolve I run Geekbench and get a Metal Score of 60000 I was wondering if the score would scale up with the number of GPU cores ? Do you know Metal Scores for GPUs with 32/48/64 cores ? My RX6800...
  2. oli.mathieu

    Pci expansion card with 5g/s Ethernet

    Hello I saw a Qnap PCIe card : With a Marvell AQtionAQC111C Controller. Is it Monterey Compatible ? I saw Also...
  3. oli.mathieu

    MacOS rebuilding Kext Cache after installing BlackMagicDesign Desktop Video

    Hello I'm having hard time to understand how MacOS BigSur & Monterey Works with BlackMagicDesign Desktop Video Installation What I did on Big Sur I launch the Desktop Video installation Just before the end, a pop window with a Button appears ➧ Open Security Prefpan I Click on and Unlock the...
  4. oli.mathieu

    PatchAPIC for i9 9820X

    Hello I having hard time to Install Monterey with OC one of my Hackintosh with a "cursed CPU" aka i9 9820X. I've on EFI with OC running the same Mobo with i9 10900X but it kernel panic with the i9 9820X The actual install is Catalina with Clover and I checked the "Patch APIC" checkbox. It...
  5. oli.mathieu

    11.2 "Install macOS Big does not appear to be a valid OS installer application" error

    Hello I try to build a USB Install of BS 11.2 I download MacOS big Sur installer (11.2) (either via dortania's guide or with GibMacOs.command) I copy the installer int the Application Folder I run "sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ --volume...
  6. oli.mathieu

    Disk utility error [SOLVED]

    Since I installed BS The disk Utility ALWAYS show an Error on the EFI partition What does it means ? Hack works normally ... I'm little concerned ;) Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. oli.mathieu

    Exfat drives

    I formatted some drives (NVMEs) under MacOS with ExFat format, but I can't use/see them with Windows 10. EDIT I've just use UBUNTU LIVE to format with 4K sector one Nvme. Then I Use Disk Utility in MacOS to Format this same drive with Exfat format. ➧ It appears in Windows 10 The other one has...
  8. oli.mathieu

    OpenCore SIP disabled

    Hllo I use open core 0.6.2 and I want to disable S.I.P on MacOS 10.15.7 so I use as per guide : NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> csr-active-config) >FF070000 - Disable all flags in macOS Mojave and in macOS Catalina (0x7ff) as Apple introduced a value for executable...
  9. oli.mathieu

    Help with Black80211-Catalina

    Hello My mobo has an Intel Wifi 6 AX200 NGFF card I put it itlwmx.kext and Black80211.kext in my OC/Kexts/ folder As result I have Heliport App is working The Intel Wifi 6 AX200 NGFF card is shown as "en4" in Hackintool ➧ System ➧ Peripherals Preference panel ➧ network show a new "ethernet"...
  10. oli.mathieu

    XPS 9360 & OpenCore - No serial number

    Hello I have follow the dortania guide : for my i7-7500U CPU in Dell XPS 9360 I used GenSMBIOS to generate a new serial Number and copy to config.plist It boots but "About this Mac" show...
  11. oli.mathieu

    Laptop with Intel CPU and AMD GPU

    Hello Is there any Laptop with AMD discrete GPU and Intel CPU ? I have difficult times to find one ? Thanks
  12. oli.mathieu

    How HDR works with Catalina 10.15.4

    Hello A new feature in System preferences ➧ monitors appears with Catalina 10.15.4 : an HDR Checkbox !! I have a n HDR monitor : Prolite X4372UHSU I see the difference for macOS UI when it is checked or unchecked. But what is unclear , is how to use itWatch HDR content properly. Any ideas ...
  13. oli.mathieu

    Where to Download Ocquicks.efi

    Hello I'm trying to find Ocquirks.efi (without compiling ➧ the "Release") for Clover, but I have hard time to find it. Any advice. Thanks
  14. oli.mathieu

    AsRock X299 Creator

    Hello I bought a X299 cascade lake MotherBoard : AsRock X299 Creator CPU : i9 9820x It boots windows 10 and so I tried to boot Catalina In BIOS (update to the last version : 1.30) 1- I disable VT-d Security Device support Secure Boot Intel Platform Trust Technology CMS Fast boot Thunderbolt...
  15. oli.mathieu

    PRIME X299-DELUXE II's 5G/s ethernet supported ?

    Hello I'm opening this tread to have some news about the support of PRIME X299-DELUXE II's 5G/s ethernet port. Since QNAP have some driver for "quite similar" chip (ACQ111) : If you have any info (even it's not working), please tell...
  16. oli.mathieu

    [Solved] Opencore Boot Mojave but no Catalina 10.15.3 on X299

    Hello i'm trying to boot my X299 mobo with OpenCore. It works with Mojave but doesn't with catalina . I create a dedicated SSDT-EC-USBX.aml (Here some screenshot) ... without success. 4G is enable in the BIOS. Anything else I could try ? Thanks
  17. oli.mathieu

    Questions about OpenCore from Clover User

    Hello I'm switching from Clover to OpenCore. It is very promising But there is some Clover features that I like to have with OpenCore (correct me if I'm wrong) . Like : - GUI with all the bootable device - Hidding some bootable device - Auto boot on a specific device - Select another...
  18. oli.mathieu

    Sapphire RX 580 and Catalina 7mb/8mb VRAM !!

    Hello I'm helping a friend with his Hackintosh Motherboard Supermicro with Z370 chipset CPU : i7 8700 RAM : 2x16 GB BIOS : default setting with vt-d disable I have latest WhateverGreen and Lilu Kexts I'm the Other Folder of the EFI Partition Here's what System info show : Here's what...
  19. oli.mathieu

    Any KextToPatch for SATA Hot-Plug ?

    I've already post this question May be this forum is more appropriate Thanks
  20. oli.mathieu

    10.13 update fails

    I have a laptop (Specs in my signature) with multi booting on the internal M.2NVME, with clover It works fi either with High sierra or W10 But ( because there is a "but :-D) I can't succeed to update High sierra either via the AppStore or with the Combo Update. It reboots on the "update install...