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  1. taskrov

    [Fixed] Reversed display colors on HP ProDesk 600 G3 with HD 630 iGPU in Ventura

    My system has a Kaby Lake i5-7500 CPU with HD 630 Graphics on a Q270 MB. I followed Dortania's Guide. Ventura is running but green and blue colors are reversed. I have tried different frame-buffers and device-id but no change. The monitor is connected via straight DP cable. I attached my EFI...
  2. taskrov

    [Success] Install Ventura on the HP ProDesk 600 G3 with OC 0.8.6

    I just got the G3 after reading a post from @trs96 that the G3 should be fully supported on Ventura. It has a Kaby Lake i5-7500 CPU. I created a USB map using the USBMapTool. I then followed the OC Install Guide and it all seems pretty clear, but I must be still missing something. Anyone can...
  3. taskrov

    12.6 Update "not all updated" message

    During upgrade from 12.5.1 to 12.6, I briefly saw a message that said something along the lines that something was not upgraded. It happened so fast that I missed the message. Otherwise the update seemed to complete normally. I am on OC 0.7.9 and have not updated anything in EFi folder. Anyone...
  4. taskrov

    How to get USB3 ports working on GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 under Big Sur?

    Please help. I cannot get the two USB3 ports working on this board. The board has two (3rd party) Etron EJ168 controllers. I tried Hackintool but it does not show these ports on USB tab. USBMap scripts sees them and I can select them but, the resulting USBPorts.kext does not work. Has anyone...
  5. taskrov

    Fresh install question

    Will I loose access to Apple apps purchased from the App store if I do a fresh rebuild without changing any hardware?
  6. taskrov

    MB 5.1.2 fails to complete installation after 10.8.2 combo update

    Solved: MB 5.1.2 fails to complete installation after 10.8.2 combo update Edit: I needed to delete OemSMBIOS.text from S/L/E after the Combo update and before rebooting. Afterwards, I only selected ALC889 (with DSDT) in MB and everything seems to working just fine...
  7. taskrov

    Successfully updated of HP 4530s ProBook (A7K05UT#ABA) from ML 10.8.1 to 10.8.2

    This worked for me. The update to ML was done with ProBook Installer 5.1 Everything else works as well as it did before. 100% battery displays as 4 hours, life seems longer. Have not tested or worried about USB3. 1) Apply OSXUpdate10.8.2.dmg...