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  1. RoyalRichman

    Sound Not Working in Catalina

    After my first direct update from 10.14 to 10.15 BETA everything worked. After that I made some tiny changes in my config.plist. After that Sound didn't worked. So I undo my changes but sound won't come back. I tried a few things since that. None worked. I use the lastet clover right now! Its...
  2. RoyalRichman

    Safari Video Freeze Problem

    Do I need to wait for the latest Lilu and IntelGraphicFixup Kexts to solve this issue on my Z87x with HD4600?
  3. RoyalRichman

    Cleaning up my config_plist

    Hi I am running macOS Sierra with great success so far, but I think over the time I have collected some Patches and other Stuff inside my Clover Folder that is not right there and not needed. Some may be there because I tried some stuff without knowing what it does and so on ... Some very minor...
  4. RoyalRichman

    Fan Placement

    Hi How have you placed your Fans? I will use an GA-Z87n WIFI MB with an i3 4330 and an SSD. No extra Graphics because I will use the Onboard. The only PCI Cad will be the WIFI. My question is, where to place the Fans. Do I use the placing of the original Fan in the Back of the Case??? Seems...