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  1. dupaczek

    OS X Yosemite ALC887/888b audio fixed (My Guide, worked for me)

    It works as you written, thank you!. But with one problem. Sometimes sound disappears when I'm watching YouTube in Chrome for example. Then i must go in to sleep mode and wake computer again. Anyone have a similar problem? GA-B75-D3P / ALC887
  2. dupaczek

    Sleep problem with B75-D3P

    it is possible that keyboard was a problem? i had logitech k200 and after switching to apple keyboard everything worked
  3. dupaczek

    [GUIDE] How to get iWork for free on older Macs

    i dont think so i had iwork on my macbook, and now using the same account can not update it
  4. dupaczek

    Sleep problem with B75-D3P

    This board should work out of the box (ok, excluding audio). However, I have a problem with sleep mode – just does not work. The MB I bought in the last days and installed from scratch (fresh UniBeast from 10.8.3). Any hint would be greatly appreciated.
  5. dupaczek

    10.8.2 problem

    yeah, i know but it hangs on boot in this mode also
  6. dupaczek

    10.8.2 problem

    same problem here but can't boot in safe mode and that's the problem any ideas?
  7. dupaczek

    [Release] AsRock p67 Pro3 Guide

    Re: [Release] AsRock p67 Pro3 DSDT hello, i have same motherboard/2600k/R4850, but i don't understand anything, totally magic :/ can you give me little help what i must do to install lion? i have got original lion