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  1. bufferOverflow

    RTC fix with Big Sur - OpenCore ?

    Thanks a lot @deeveedee for the explaining the details. Your 800 G4 mini exclusion range didn't work for me but used the opencore guide to find the range for my machine (if anyone interested for elitedesk 800 G4 SFF it's DB-DF).
  2. bufferOverflow

    RTC fix with Big Sur - OpenCore ?

    I've the same machine as yours and tried the SSDT-AWAC-HPET.aml file in OC but I'm still getting the clock reset error during reboot. Is there anything I'm missing? -Thanks
  3. bufferOverflow

    [Guide] Install Catalina on the Dell Optiplex 7010 and 9010 Desktop PC

    @trs96 Any plan on doing this type awesome guide for HP elite desk G3/4 SFFs?
  4. bufferOverflow

    [Success] ASUS Prime Z370-A+i9-9900k Pro Audio Build

    @NorthAmTransAm I've a similar machine but with Q370 mother board and my boot loader is OpenCore. I'm using SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 for full graphics acceleration with WX4100 graphics card, but problem is I notice glitch in graphics while playing video or youtube. Thinking of moving back to iMac19,2...
  5. bufferOverflow

    Quadro K600 graphics card at Newegg - $39.99

    @trs96 Installed the K600 to test with my Hackintosh which has WX 4100 and results were not good. Graphics is shuttering and laggy. Alfred's dark theme got messed up (looked red all over), have to switch to classic theme. Have you tested this graphics card on any machine?
  6. bufferOverflow

    Quadro K600 graphics card at Newegg - $39.99

    After struggling for a bit with HD 630 graphics bought this. Going to run Catalina and will stay in this OS few years if Apple is going to drop support for the card. Built few large ATX machines but now days I prefer to have the HP Elite Desks with Mac supported graphics cards. In my most...
  7. bufferOverflow

    GA-Z170X-Gaming 7/Mojave/Won't boot without selecting USB

    Usually this happens if your SSD EFI drive is corrupted. Sometimes, it's also confusing the way boot drives are listed in bios and make sure you are selecting correct one. Also, check if you have turned off secure boot in bios.
  8. bufferOverflow

    10 Year Anniversary of tonymacx86

    Thanks to all admins at tonymacx86 and other awesome users. Without your help guys, I wouldn't have ever tried a Hackintosh.
  9. bufferOverflow

    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Thanks @UtterDisbelief for writing the tutorial and sorry if I'm re-posting the same question again. How can you mark an USB port as internal (like making it 255 in SSDT-UIAC) if some one perfers to use USBPorts.kext?
  10. bufferOverflow

    << Solved >> Chrome hangs at Black Window on new Hackintosh

    No, with latest catalina release I haven't seen this problem
  11. bufferOverflow

    Acronis True Image ~ Simple way to make backups and clones

    Acronis True Image 2020 is now $13 + taxes at Newegg now for 1PC/MAC.
  12. bufferOverflow

    graphic card for mini-ATX Hackintosh

    Check Radeon Pro WX 4100 (natively supported). It's really small. It's little expensive for what it does offer but if you space constrains then this is the card to go for.
  13. bufferOverflow

    << Solved >> Chrome hangs at Black Window on new Hackintosh

    Recently, I built a new Hackintosh with below configuration: HP EliteDesk 800 G4 with following configuration: CPU: 8700 MB: Q370 GPU: AMD WX Pro 4100 One weird thing noticed is Chrome is hanging at black screen. I tried following command and still the same problem. /Applications/Google...
  14. bufferOverflow

    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    @trs96 Thanks a lot for the recommendation. Do you know if the WX 2100 and WX 3100 compatible with Mac? I see one guy tested the WX 4100 and confirmed it's fully working but information about WX 2100/3100 is very scarce.
  15. bufferOverflow

    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    @trs96 Sorry to deviate from actual topic, do you have recommendation for low profile AMD gpus (with two display ports) for small form factor PCs. Any thing lower than $200 is good but cheaper is better.
  16. bufferOverflow

    Updating kexts and clover

    I used to keep my Kexts in /L/E but recently while installing Catalina decided to move kexts to /Clover to make whole process easier to maintain. People have strong opinion about not to do this but it worked for me.
  17. bufferOverflow

    Black screen after enabling FileVault

    Recently I turned on the FileVault in Catalina and sometimes after entering the password my screen goes blank (it doesn't turn off). When this happens I've noticed either CPU fan speed will spike up or machine will reboot. My FileVault is working as I'm able to login to machine when this problem...
  18. bufferOverflow

    macOS 10.15 Catalina is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Looks like my USB installer also stuck due to this. Do you mind to share which patch you applied?
  19. bufferOverflow

    HP Elitedesk 800 G4 SFF i7-8700 UHD 630

    were you able to get the UHD630 work properly?
  20. bufferOverflow


    I also seeing similar problem with G4 version of this desktop. are you able to fix this?