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  1. cmn699

    GA-Z370 Aorus 7 Can't boot installer - please help!

    Did you try using CLOVER (Eg: Ver 5131) as the boot loader? I have been able to run Big Sur 11.2.3 along with Windows 10 Pro + Mint 20.1 on GA Z370 PD3, z390-Gaming X, and earlier Intel Chipset Series 6, 7, 8, 9, 100 and 200. In BIOS you do have to ENABLE CSM
  2. cmn699

    Updating Clover Guide

    CLOVER Cloner Menu is NOT available in older Versions of CCG; it is in CCG as you can see in the Image.
  3. cmn699

    << Solved >> Asus STRIX Z270G Gaming - Catalina beta success!!!

    Since you did not want to upload your BIOS options, to interpret your chosen CLOVER options and correlate them with the Verbose boot screen which is either frozen at that stage or you have not shot the screen to show how it could have ended, I need to know a few additional data: What USB...
  4. cmn699

    Update by 10.14.2 to 10.14.6

    I am sorry, I lost you. I don't really understand what you are trying to convey in the above shorthand version. Hope someone else can help you with the above post from you.
  5. cmn699

    Stuck in verbose mode

    wait and watch for any progression.
  6. cmn699

    Can't boot Mojave installer (gIOScreenLockState)

    Noted your situation.Good luck
  7. cmn699

    i9900k install can't get to the installation screen.

    The Screen shot you have uploaded in #6 is basically the same as I have shown as the one on the right as edited with certain files to be removed for your board. ( I will edit and remove the first one) In the currently released CLOVER , the FileTree structure has changed...
  8. cmn699

    Can't boot Mojave

    To see what is the problem that makes your Mojave System disk unbootable after installing CLOVER, kexts and other configurations using Multibeast , you need to upload a picture of the Monitor Display screen that indicates the post Multibeast macOSMojave system disk having a boot failure. On...
  9. cmn699

    << Solved >> Asus STRIX Z270G Gaming - Catalina beta success!!!

    No clues on the uploaded Verbose boot screen. Did the verbose boot screen end in a garbled text with a Prohibit Entry sign? Upload your BIOS options and CLOVER from the USB Installer disk (see steps-> #4 ) to get some clues.
  10. cmn699

    Stuck install mojave in Asus Prime z390-a + i9 9990k

    Since you are new to Hackintosh and this Forum, please note, according to the the Forum Rules , you need to list the Make and Model of MoBo, CPU , Graphics to be used to your Account details. This will list them under your login name and logo and can be found all the time, through out the...
  11. cmn699

    i9900k install can't get to the installation screen.

    The uploaded Verbose Mode boot screen shot can occasionally occur with no serious issues and gets fixed on reboot. If reboot shows the same error, the memory mapping is still not OK in the CLOVER in that disk. If you like. take a look at the EFI_CLOVER FileTree in a successful macOSMojave10.14.6...
  12. cmn699

    i9900k install can't get to the installation screen.

    Please add your Hardware Specs to Build Signature and point that in your post so that readers can find them through out this troubleshoot without having to come back to #1 Please note your Account details showing MoBo: Mac Pro CPU as just i7 Your Verbose Boot screen is showing...
  13. cmn699

    << Solved >> 10.14.6 Installation freezes on Apple logo

    Thank you for updating the thread as solved. You may try : This works OOB for macOS Mojave and Catalina as well as Windows 10 and Linux.
  14. cmn699

    Running OS X 10.14.6

    I started suspecting issue as a badly flashed firmware from a genuine GT710 on a cheap GT 610 or replacing a chip from a bad 710 on to a GT610. The commands will read them as Kepler graphics chip but may not function as one. If the Audio Chip is untouched it may remain as Fermi as in GT 610...
  15. cmn699

    Stuck in verbose mode

    Your EFI has multiple problems including some kext file lacking in kexts/Other , and config.plist SECTIONS with problems I have uploaded an edited EFI as zip. You may try this after extracting it to replace the one you have on that disk. You can use Clover Configurator Global to mount the...
  16. cmn699

    Running OS X 10.14.6

    You should have uploaded the image. My role in this Forum is to help not just one but through their posts others reading them. It will benefit everyone if all responses are clear and comprehensive and images uploaded as such. to illustrate the post. I opened the PCLinuxOS (2009) in my multi...
  17. cmn699

    Running OS X 10.14.6

    I did note about the HDMI Audio using a Fermi Chip. I will recheck my own MSI Nvidia GT 710 using my linux and post my findings later. In the mean while, since your BIOS has a very different approach to Graphics, as a TRIAL ONLY ( I don't have any BIOSTAR boards; the last time I have used them...
  18. cmn699

    Running OS X 10.14.6

    Now that Linux tools have shown the Graphics card is a genuine Nvidia GT 710 which has a native support to get you full Acceleration in Mojave (and in Catalina also) without any thing special editing in CLOVER/config.plist and you have already got the latest Lilu and WeG kext (and AppleALC...
  19. cmn699

    How do I apply the IOPCIFamily patch?

    Post to those threads. OR Post your exact problems with the following additional information so that we can try to analyze the issues and suggest troubleshooting steps: Boot the computer using Verbose(-v) boot flag and take pictures to upload of any problem you think is occurring to the...
  20. cmn699

    Stuck in verbose mode

    I can help only if I know fully ALL the BIOS settings and the current EFI Folder with all the editing you have already made up to now that resulted in the uploaded Verbose boot screen which shows multiple errors loading kexts. To help me understand the context in which this verbose boot error...