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  1. zengibabu

    Which one is better for Hackintosh? Thinkpad P70, Zbook 17 G3 or Dell Precision 7710

    The best ever laptop to do hackintosh on is the Schenker XMG U726 Everything working and super ****ing powerfull!
  2. zengibabu

    ASUS ThunderboltEX II PCIe Expansion Card - Testing Thread

    Mine works with clover. Thunderbolt security in bios= Legacy And the PCI card in the little x4 slot (I had to take my gpu down. like this picture:
  3. zengibabu

    Asus x99 Deluxe ThunderboltEX II Dual SUCCESS!!!

    I just want to share this as it took me 2 weeks to find absolutely nothing on the web and think there is many with the same needs and hardware as I. I wanted to complete my Hackintosh build with a Thunderbolt connection to storage drives etc and found the old ThunderboltEX which Asus says is...