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  1. turrisi2

    Boot0 / Prohibited Sign

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I've had my Hack for 3 years and it's never had a major issue. Today I went to click Firefox and an error popped up "Firefox is corrupt..." so I tried Safari and the same error "Safari is corrupt..." So I restarted. When I restarted it wouldn't...
  2. turrisi2

    Post-Sierra - Config.plist and Audio

    I just upgraded to Sierra (had issues that prevented me before) and for the first day I had issues with the audio driver. After trying multiple fixes I finally got it to work by using an older Multibeast installation to install the ALC892 driver. I then tried to fix my Imessage that used to...
  3. turrisi2

    10.11 - Install - Clover Configurator

    I'm going through the process of upgrading my existing install to El Capitan. Ever since I tried to go from Chimera to Clover, I've been unable to boot from my HD with clover. I always have to use the USB and boot from the chimera bootloader on my USB to restart. With my new El Capitan clover...
  4. turrisi2

    Yosemite - Clover - No Smoking Sign

    Hey all - I upgraded to Yosemite and my install has been fine. I've been using Chimera since I started using my hack but ever since my upgrade, Messages has been not working. So I tried the Clover method to get it work. Installed Clover, made the serial number and mac address changes in the...
  5. turrisi2

    MacPro 5,1: Yosemite Kernal Panic

    I messed up on my install. Any help would be appreciated. I forgot I had MacPro 5,1 so now that I've installed Yosemite on top of my current installation, I'm getting a Kernal panic. The issue, though, is I can't use -x to get in to the desktop and remove MyAppleTyMCE.kext. I've attached 2...
  6. turrisi2

    10.9.4 Update - Kernel Panic

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. After applying the combo update to upgrade to 10.9.4 I keep getting a KP on boot. I've tried "UseKernalCache=No" and "-v" but it still freezes. I don't usually have any type of problems with my Hack. Anybody have possible solutions?