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  1. StudioK

    Linux boot entry vanished after Clover update

    I've been running a tri-boot system (all EFI installs): OS X, Windows, Linux. I've installed a newer version of Clover (v2.3k_r3726) to prepare for the update to Sierra. After rebooting, the entry for Linux Mint has disappeared from the boot menu. No other changes were made besides updating...
  2. StudioK

    How to run LED Cinema Display without adapter cable?

    Seeking quick advice before I start buying things: I would like to run 27 inch Apple Cinema Display LED (mini displayport version) on my hackintosh without using an adapter cable if possible. Would a GPU like the HD 6870 be able to run this ACD with its built-in mini displayport? Also...
  3. StudioK

    Recommended method for changing SMBIOS?

    I am right now running as a Mac Pro 3,1, but would like to change into iMac 14,2. I'm unsure of the correct procedure for doing this since I've never changed the identifier for a hackintosh system. Is it as simple as using Multibeast to reset the SMBIOS? Or is it better to use Chameleon...
  4. StudioK

    [SOLVED] can I conceal the Instant Menu OS labels?

    Is it possible to hide or relocate or resize the text labels for each OS in the Chimera menu? Can this be achieved by editing the 'theme.plist'? If so, how to go about it? The label sizes have gotten bigger in the latest Chimera and conflict with my custom icons. I'd rather not shrink...
  5. StudioK

    Cannot install Chimera to cloned OS X backup

    I used SuperDuper to backup my OS X partition to another hard disk. The backup boots using Unibeast. I then tried installing Chimera to the mbr of the drive on which the backup partition resides. I used Multibeast & standalone installer (latest version) and they both report a...
  6. StudioK

    Which multi-boot situations need GPTSync?

    Is necessary to use GPTSync only when including Windows in multi-boot? I have OS X and Linux Mint on same disc. I having no problem, but I wonder if I need GPT sync?
  7. StudioK

    Triple-boot, Windows 8 Weirdness......

    I am set up to boot OS X Mountain Lion, Linux, and Windows 8. I have a FAT32 volume that I use to share files among the 3 OS’s. Since installing Windows 8 (a ‘clean’ installation), Windows has been unable to see new changes (added, removed files) I’ve made to the FAT32 volume while in OS X...
  8. StudioK

    TRIM troubles

    I have not been able to enable TRIM using MultiBeast 5.0.2. MB reports a successful installation, but, checking System Information, TRIM support=No. I've rebooted, shut down and restarted (methods that have worked in the past), but still no trim support. Has anyone else had this problem...
  9. StudioK

    Why does Chimera's boot menu show my Fat32 storage volume?

    I dual boot Lion and Linux Mint. Both of these appear in Chimera's boot menu. But, there is a third entry: my Fat32 storage drive. This volume is for data sharing and has no OS or software installed on it. Why does Chimera add it to the boot menu? This was not a problem until I added...
  10. StudioK

    Are there tweaks to be made for OS X on SSD?

    I've just put LION on an SSD (120GB Intel 320 series). I have enabled TRIM in MultiBeast (I hope it's working). Are there any other tweaks that I should know about to help maximize performance and longevity of the SSD?
  11. StudioK

    [SOLVED]Computer won't boot automatically HDD with Chimera

    I can boot from UniBeast thumb drive and rBoot CD automatically. But, I cannot boot from any HDD (internal or external) that uses Chimera without first entering the F10 Boot screen on startup. This is even after I change settings in the BIOS enabling boot from one of these Chimera drives by...
  12. StudioK

    How Many of you have random OS freezing?

    I'd like to get an idea of how widespread the OS freezing problem is among the hackintosh group. I've seen a few mentions in the forum. Even one Mod reported it on his recent Mini Build. This is a problem I've experienced running LION on my Apple hardware (iMac 2008 with ATI Radeon 2600HD)...
  13. StudioK

    Enabling the Apple & Chimera boot screen to fill display?

    IS it possible to enable the Apple boot screen to fill the full extent of your display? The splash screen for my Intel motherboard also appears this way---low resolution and not filling the screen. So does the F10 boot menu and the Chimera boot menu. Is is simply a matter of updating my BIOS?
  14. StudioK

    TRIM questions

    I am running LION on an SSD and would like to know if I need to re-apply the TRIM enabler in MultiBeast after updating the OS to 10.7.3. I had applied it when I first installed LION, so it was already enabled, but how do I know it's working?
  15. StudioK

    LION on external HDD---Usb2.0 vs. eSATA cable

    I would like to run LION on an external HDD (Seagate GoFlex 1TB). Does anyone know if there is any performance advantage to useing an eSATA cable over USB 2.0? I know that transferring data (copy-paste) from drive to drive would be much faster with eSATA, but would it make any difference in...
  16. StudioK

    Booting---safe mode vs. single-user mode: the difference?

    Had a Kernel Panic. Safe mode (-x) did not work, but Single-user (-s) did boot. Can anyone elaborate on the difference between the two?
  17. StudioK

    removing .kext files -- how to do it correctly?

    If I delete my VoodooHDA.kext file from the Extensions folder, What should I do next? Do i need to drag & drop the entire Extensions folder to the Kext Utility for permissions repair? Should I repair permissions using Disk Utility, as well? I want to avoid Kernel Panics at boot, obviously.
  18. StudioK

    Using kext Utility...need advice

    I want to edit the VoodooHDA.kext to set input gain equal to 0. I've found instructions telling me to rebuild the kext cache afterwards. How do I do this properly? I tried dragging the kext file to the Kext Utility app icon after edits, and it did its thing, but left me with a...
  19. StudioK

    updating from 10.7 to 10.7.2---anything I need to know?

    I've just installed 10.7 using EasyBeast and Universal VooDoo audio. What steps do you all recommend I take to prepare to run the Combo Updater? I've done a bit of research and it seems that many people are removing the VooDooHDA files beforehand. Is this all I need to do to avoid trouble?
  20. StudioK

    [SOLVED] New LION install onto USB-HDD---refuses to Boot

    I've installed Lion to an external HDD (connected via usb). I ran EasyBeast and restarted, but still can't boot from the LION HDD. I've set the BIOS to boot from Usb devices first, which works with the UniBeast thumb drive every time. But not the HDD. Could it be that my PC is fussy about...