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  1. XFlare

    Latest OS X 10.9.2 Update Breaks NVIDIA Alternate Driver

    I can confirm this Just updated to the latest security update and the web driver is incompatible.
  2. XFlare

    NVIDIA Web Drivers for 10.9.x Mavericks Found!

    FANTASTIC NEWS! Im going to live with the crashes for now until everythings officially released, I don't want to risk messing up my hackintosh (doing some important work right now), but this is awesome that a fix is confirmed to come soon. Will be doing a clean install when 10.9.2...
  3. XFlare

    GTX 780 Works

    From the don himself :mrgreen: I sure hope so, It would make sense. You can configure iMacs to have GTX 780M's, I'm not sure if they use GK110 but if they do then maybe they would get upgraded to GK110B's - then Apple would have to provide support, but as its a laptop graphics chip im just...
  4. XFlare

    GTX 780 Works

    Sounds good, I hope your letter and the petition carries some ground. This problem is quite annoying, but from what Im reading about 10.9.2 is that there are a lot of updated graphics drivers, and although people are still having the same OpenCL bug on their GTX 780's with revision B chips, its...
  5. XFlare

    Random Issue, Cannot Preview Images - Preview Has Died

    Hello So the other I was happily using my hackintosh, and I pressed spacebar on an image I had to look at it and for some reason it piped up saying that an error occurred with the preview of this document. I have never had this issue before, puzzled I tried a couple of other images and the...
  6. XFlare

    Chimera 2.2 Update

    Awesome, but I will update when the next Multibeast release comes.
  7. XFlare

    Heat sink for Intel Core i3 3225

    Check out the Noctua CPU coolers. Noctua make the best fans on the market and their coolers are apparently top notch too.
  8. XFlare

    My Build (Parts Ordered)

    Just ordered a EVGA Superclocked GTX 770 GFX. After extensive research I found that this card has some of the best cooling/overclocking/noise levels.
  9. XFlare

    My Build (Parts Ordered)

    It has come to my attention that Noctua also has new industrial fans that are stronger, more dust/water resistant, smoother running and more power efficient fans. They will probably be more expensive, im not sure if its worth holding out. The cheaper fans are just prototypes at the moment, but...
  10. XFlare

    My Build (Parts Ordered)

    Thanks Unsure as to when Noctua will release 'Project Redux', sometime soon hopefully (they announced it 3 weeks ago at computex 2013) They will also be releasing a 200MM fan. :O
  11. XFlare

    My Build (Parts Ordered)

    Hey Guys, just thought i'd share my build for my hackintosh. Gigabyte SKT-Z77X-UDH5 Intel i5-3570k Samsung 840 Pro SSD Corsair 8GB Vengeance Pro RAM Corsair H110 CPU Cooler Corsair C70 (White) Chassis Corsair CXM 750W PSU Pioneer DVDRW Drive I am planning on getting a GTX 770 Graphics Card at...
  12. XFlare

    Focusrite 2i4 Hackintosh Compatibility

    Hi there, Im not 100% sure im going to build a hackintosh yet, but if I do and i remember this post i certainly will.
  13. XFlare

    First Hackintosh for Pro Audio, several options!!

    I have sent you a private message on a way we can talk easier. If you did not get it, then it would be easier for us to talk through somthing like facebook or Skype. If you have facebook, add me
  14. XFlare

    First Hackintosh for Pro Audio, several options!!

    The H90 has to rely on the motherboard based cooling controls. In the BI0S, you can set the motherboard to automatically manage the fan speeds. With a fan controller, you use them to control your extra fans (like the ones in the front and the top etc) Im sorry if what I say is sometimes...
  15. XFlare

    First Hackintosh for Pro Audio, several options!!

    I really think you can fit the 140MM radiator on the back of the prodigy, since the prodigy allows you to fit a 140MM fan in the back! I don't think the H90 uses corsair link, but i don't think your using that (you would have to buy extra gear, and because your buying a standard PSU and not an...
  16. XFlare

    First Hackintosh for Pro Audio, several options!!

    Ive already seen both the links you sent me, Linus Tech Tips (youtube guy) is great for things like this! For my build, I'm going to use a Corsair h110 and replace both fans with Noctua's. STOP: I FOUND THE PERFECT COOLER FOR YOU, I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT. THE CORSAIR H90!!!!!! It runs...
  17. XFlare

    SSD Advice

    Get the pro. :) Just like Dschijn said, they are faster and will last longer.
  18. XFlare

    Video Production Hackintosh

    You can get alot of tips for parts by watching these video's in this playlist. Hackintosh Pro Project 2013!
  19. XFlare

    Customac Mini Hackintosh as server for Mysql, apache CRM database

    The only advice I can give you is to use WD Red drives. They are designed for networking work.
  20. XFlare

    First time builder - powerful system for Nvidia GPU rendering

    The best of luck to you. Ive never built my own PC either, really excited to build my hackintosh soon.