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  1. arehep

    [Guide] Dell XPS 9350 Mojave VirtualSMC, I2C Trackpad, Clover UEFI Hotpatch

    As there´s no updated Mojave guides here on tonymacx86 for my laptop i decided to make one. (Bear with me as this is first time i try to make a new thread and my native language is not English) My laptop specs. Dell XPS 9350 QHD+ I7 6560U Intel Iris 540 (3200x1800) 16GB 1867 Mhz DDR3 Ram 512GB...
  2. arehep

    BCM20702A0 bluetooth not working in Sierra 10.12.6 Meadows In your config.plist under System Parameters you have checked NvidiaWeb. Try to uncheck that. And in Boot section try to check nvda_drv=1
  3. arehep


    I would really like a function that allow you to choose from where to install kexts I have sometimes a very messy desktop and I dont think I´m the only one. Maybe that default is desktop but an option to change.
  4. arehep

    Clover v4063 Beta?

    According Clover at sourceForce the latest available version is 4061 And if I Google v 4063 I only get two matching hits One to Multibeast 9.1 here and this Chinese site ???
  5. arehep

    CLOSED > Antipop 1.02

    Add this to the next Multibeast version Although it's from 2009 and not updated since then it's still working on 10.8.3. I use it myself As undeadlegion pointet out "Actually the original author open sourced it, and it's now on github so it can...