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  1. ton188

    In search of MSI B75M-ITX buil...

    please advise on this, as I am interested in this setup B75IA-E33 i noticed both audio n lan are under realtek which is quite good for bootloader? I just need a confirmation before I carry on. THanks
  2. ton188

    question on WIFI module.

    May I ask... I were to buy a USB WIFI module supporting MAC OSX, it has a driver DVD for MAC. Can I just plug in the USB WIFI, and install the drivers via DVD rather then using uniBeast?
  3. ton188

    Moarfish's build - GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K

    hi guys, thanks for the lovely info on the built. Moarfish build spec is the exact mobo I am looking at. Thanks so much I am consolidating my hardware now. Hopefully can update you guys too on my built soon. cheers
  4. ton188

    First Hackintosh Build, Singapore

    super happy to see you guys from singapore fellow singaporean too ;) Tony here, I too wanna do one Hackintosh. any great advise for a non OC i7-3770, gt640 built? which is a good budget mobo can get in SG and easy to get it runing? Cheers
  5. ton188

    Basic cpu - Asus P8Z77V-LE

    1. Mac Os X 10.6.3 2. Mac Os X 10.6 any difference? in terms of installing? which should I select?
  6. ton188

    Basic cpu - Asus P8Z77V-LE

    Also, the link to buy the DVD is down. May I know where else can get? Thanks
  7. ton188

    Basic cpu - Asus P8Z77V-LE

    Mobo: Asus P8Z77V-LE * I noticed the realtek drivers for audio and lan, so is this compatible? Cpu: i5-3550 Ram: Kingston HyperX 2x4gb SSD: Intel 520 120gb HD: 500gb WD blue Is this setup ok for a hackintosh?