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  1. MacBeginner

    Need a mid-priced(gaming) laptop with Mac compatibility

    Hello, I´ve succesfully build a desktop hackintosh, but now I need a advice for a laptop. I´m looking for a mid-priced (max. 700 €) 15" laptop for programming and maybe a bit of gaming, but I´m unsure which mobile graphic cards are currently fully supported by OS X. Best regards, Pascal
  2. MacBeginner

    Radeon HD 6870 2nd Screen

    Hi! I want to use a second monitor, but Lion only recognizes my first monitor(HDMI) but not the second screen(VGA-DVI Adapter). The second monitor has HDMI, but my graphics card only has one HDMI port. Should I get a HDMI to DVI or a HDMI to DP port adapter? It works fine with windows and it...
  3. MacBeginner

    Will HIS IceQ TurboX HD 6870 work in Lion ?

    Hi, I want to buy a HIS IceQ TurboX HD 6870, but I don´t know if it will work natively. Is it the same card as reference except different cooler and pre-overclocked? Regards
  4. MacBeginner

    Only 4GB of 12GB RAM recognized

    Hi, SL only recognizes 4 of 12 GB RAM. iBoot recognizes it (top left corner) and also System Profiler, but About this mac says 4GB also iStat menus. Any ideas?
  5. MacBeginner

    Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3 SL Installation problem

    Hello, yesterday I tried to install Snow Leopard on my new Sandy Bridge machine using iBoot. I´ve created a USB Drive with the installation data from the original retail DVD. After selecting the USB Drive with iBoot it stops at this point: The system bootstrapper has crashed: Trace/BPT Trap...
  6. MacBeginner

    !!!HELP!!! Cannot boot Dualboot windows 7

    Hello, I have dualboot with windows 7 and Mac OS X. My default bootloader is the windows one. I made a mistake and set the windows bootloader timeout to 0. If I now want to boot windows it skips to mac bootloader and then if i select the windows partition it skips again to the mac bootloader...
  7. MacBeginner

    High CPU Load with Core i5 750

    Hello, I have a problem. I´m running SL 10.6.4. My CPU load is very high e.g. if i sync my photos via iTunes with my iPad all cores have 100% load. Then the CPU is very warm (80° C) Or when I install a normal pkg. How can I fix this? Can anyone help me? And sorry for my bad english :D...
  8. MacBeginner

    Front panel audio doesn´t work :(

    Hello, I have a Powermac G5 case and I´ve put the correct pins from the front panel cable to the right pins on my motherboard. I´ve plugged in my headphones in to the front port but i still get no audio :( I have the newest Legacy HDA 888 from MultiBeast. can anyone help me?
  9. MacBeginner

    Frontpanel Audio

    Hi, if I enable ALC HD 888 sound on my Mainboard can I use the audio mainboard header for frontpanel audio?(only audio,no mic) /MacBeginner
  10. MacBeginner

    Bootloader/Bootscreen screen resoultion

    Hello, I have a 16:10 22" LCD Display, which has a resolution of 1680x1050 px. I want that the Chameleon Bootloader and the Apple Boot screen have this resolution, but they only have 1400x1050 px. My com.Apple.boot.plist contains Graphics Mode 1680x1050x32. Can anyone help me?
  11. MacBeginner

    [SOLVED] !!!PLEASE HELP!!! KP after installing Audio

    Hello, I wanted to install Audio on my 10.6.3. But after installing the new ALC 888 kext to my /E/E, and downgrading my 10.6.3 AppleHDA to 10.6.2 Version using MultiBeast my system wont boot up anymore. And the end of KP it says something about com.kaspersky.klif??? But I had never problems...
  12. MacBeginner

    Orange HD Icons :(

    Hello, I installed Gigabeast for my P55-UD3. But after reboot my drives are all orange :( How can I fix this? -MacBeginner
  13. MacBeginner

    Enabling HD Audio on P55 UD3

    Hello, How can I enable HD Sound with the onboard Realtek 888 on my P55 UD3? Can I use the audio header on my motherboard to get audio on my front panel after enabling HD Sound? Thanks /MacBeginner
  14. MacBeginner

    Integrate .pkgs into the Snow Leopard installation

    Hello, is it possible to integrate Multibeast or single pkg´s /kext files into the snow leopard installation? How can I create an installer which installs custom kexts and pkg´s? Then it should be a pkg file. /MacBeginner
  15. MacBeginner

    Integrate 10.6.3 Update into Snow Leopard 10.6 Image

    Hello, is it possible to integrate the 10.6.3 Combo Update into the Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD Image?
  16. MacBeginner

    Dualboot Snow Leopard/Windows 7

    Hello, I want to dualboot Snow Leopard and Windows 7 on GPT. I already installed Snow Leopard and I don´t want to delete this installation. I have a second partition. Can I install Windows on that partition and boot it using Chameleon? Thanks, MacBeginner
  17. MacBeginner

    iPhone can´t connect to iTunes

    Hi, I got following setup: OS 10.6.3 (Tony's Install Instruction!) Gigabyte P55-UD3 F7 ATI Radeon HD 4890 1GB Ram ... Everything works except Sound (but I use USB speaks) and Wifi (but that's not necessary for now). I can connect every USB device I want, except the iPhone... When I connect...
  18. MacBeginner

    About this Mac/Systemprofiler Intel Core i5 Problem

    Hello, I successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my System with QE/CI. My Specs: Intel Core i5 750 Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 Sapphire Radein HD 4890 1GB DDR5 My Problem: When I look into About this Mac or System Profiler it says 2.7 GHz Intel core i5 but my Processor has 2.67 GHz. Can anyone...
  19. MacBeginner

    Ati Radeon HD 4890 Problem in 10.6.3 PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, I updated to 10.6.3 from 10.6.2. After the update I applied the qe/ci patch from netkas and rebootet my pc. After bootUp I got an artifacted image and everything seemed too freeze. I can only boot into my system using the -x boot flag :(( What can I do to get full res and QE/CI? my...
  20. MacBeginner

    (Chameleon) Directly boot from OSX Partition

    Hello, how can I configure Chameleon,that it directly boots my Macintosh HD (OSX Partition)(w/o seeing the Boot manager)? -MacBeginner