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  1. Andyapple

    macOS 12.6 Update

    Everything fine here on Ivy Bridge i5-3570K with OC 0.8.4
  2. Andyapple

    macOS 12.3 Update

    Everything works fine. Updated to 12.3 here on Ivy Brigde i5-3570K and OC 0.7.9. Even Universal Control is Working!!!
  3. Andyapple

    Dell Optiplex 7020/9020 SFF Desktops at Amazon

    Hi @trs96 I wanted to tell you merry christmas and update you with news. I bought the dell 7020 from Amazon Italy, I setup bios settings from shell and installed ssd. I successully installed monterey and everything is working! I wanted to say thank you for making this low cost high quality...
  4. Andyapple

    Dell Optiplex 7020/9020 SFF Desktops at Amazon

    Thank you, i bought it, when it arrives i will try! Thanks, Andyapple
  5. Andyapple

    Dell Optiplex 7020/9020 SFF Desktops at Amazon

    Hi, and thanks for sharing your advices. Making a Good Hackintosh at these low prices is a dream. I found this here in Italy, on Amazon at a good price: Computer Dell Optiplex 7020 SFF Intel Core i5-4440 Ram 8GB DDR3 Hard Disk 500GB DVD-ROM USB 3.0 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (Refurbished)...
  6. Andyapple

    macOS 11.6 Update

    Update went smoothly here on Ivy Bridge! :) Build Number is 20G165
  7. Andyapple

    macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    I think it is 11.0.1 and not 11.0. Is it 20B28 or 20B29 ?
  8. Andyapple

    Bluetooth device will not wake Hack

    Hi, I have z390m gaming with bcm94360 cs2. I had to fix instant wake by changing the usb type from 3 to 255 (internal). The card works great except from the fact that I can't wake my hackintosh with a bluetooth apple keyboard or mouse. Has anyone fixed this? Thank you, Andyapple
  9. Andyapple

    macOS 10.15.4 Update

    Build is 19E266
  10. Andyapple

    macOS 10.15.1 Update

    Hi, I have RX 580 too but i need WhatEverGreen 1.3.4, Lilu (as I have always needed) and agdpmod=pikera to boot or black screen. How can Ii make it work without all these things? Can you upload your EFI? Thanks, Andyapple
  11. Andyapple

    << Solved >> Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 Success QE/CI but Black Screen

    Thank you! Tomorrow I'll try thanks. I have these two problems: -When i connect the hdmi, the internal display goes black and to fix this I have to close the lid for some seconds and open it again, and both screen internal and external work -second problem is that the external monitor runs in...
  12. Andyapple

    << Solved >> Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 Success QE/CI but Black Screen

    Hi, can you please upload your EFI working folder? I have the same problem, internal display black. Thanks. AndyApple.
  13. Andyapple

    LastBooted Device Location

    Thank you a lot!!
  14. Andyapple

    LastBooted Device Location

    Hi, can anyone tell me where the Last Booted Device is stored in Clover? I'm talking about the option LastBooted Device in Clover Boot section. I would like to know where Clover saves the name or the ID of the Last Booted Volume. Thanks, Andyapple
  15. Andyapple

    [solved] AppleALC/HDA Patcher - ALC255 does not work on Mojave

    Hi, can you upload your working EFI folder and tell me which kexts to install? Thanks.