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  1. magonzalez112

    MSI Z97 U3 Plus

    Hi My question is realy simple Will this motherboard fully work ? Realtek ALC892 Audio Intel LAN It has 10 USB ports in back panel !!! That is because i am interested in I think it will fully work but it is not at the...
  2. magonzalez112

    CoreAudio troubles

    Hellow everyone: First at all sorry for my bad english :P Well, this is my system: GA-x79-UP4 Intel Core I7 4820k 4.2 GHz 16 GB G-Skill Rimpjaws CL7 2330 MHz AMD Radeon HD R9 280X 3 GB GDDR5 I am using Yosemite at this moment, but i have this problem also in ML and Mavericks. It is a...
  3. magonzalez112

    Guide: Asus p5q Mountain lion

    GUIDE: Asus P5Q 10.8 and 10.9 Hi everyone. I was surfing internet to found some guide for this board, but i didn't find any guide, if i founded a guide it not was updated or incomplete. So i decided to do one and help other people: This is a motherboard a bit older but it works very well. This...
  4. magonzalez112

    Preparing installation ga z77 ds3h

    I have looked for hours f6 bios update for this mobo but i dont find it, only on gigabyte´s website is f8 update. Do you recomend update to f8 ? Can someone share f6 update ? The pc arrives tomorrow and i am preparing all jeje. Thx and i am waiting for your reply