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  1. geticus

    Stuck at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3

    Hi all and Happy New Year I'm trying to boot an existing High Sierra system on my new JINGSHA X99 D8 motherboard with an E5 2678 v3 using Open Core with no succes for the moment. I'm stuck on IOCConsoleUsers. I followed the Dortania guide, I'm not a complete novice on hackintosh-OC, I've...
  2. geticus

    Can't boot windows without usb (clover)

    Hi everyone I face a very strange issue. After I have used my computer as hackintosh I want to reconfigure it for what it was before, a Windows one. So I make a windows 7 clean install on a SSD drive (using another PC) but I can't boot without my clover usb with I used for my hackintosh. I get...
  3. geticus

    Z97 CM, Haswell Refresh and Mountain Lion for audio, video production

    Hi everybody, I'm about to built a new hackintosh for music (and video a bit) production and I hesitate to pick up the new Z97 motherboard and i7 4790 because I want to run into a Mountain Lion system in order to keep running all my music stuff. Do you think will not be any problem with...
  4. geticus

    MSI mobos vanilla kernel, any succes ?

    Anyone have at working MSI motherboard with new Chimera 1.4 and vanilla kernel ?