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  1. the_gael

    [GUIDE] Gigabyte Brix BKi3HA-7100 - Install Mojave

    Dec 22 2018 - This project has been successful in terms of installing macOS Mojave 10.14 and currently is functioning well (with huge thanks to @RehabMan for his help and patience) - all known issues have been addressed. The attached files are up to date as of Dec 22 2018. If you use the...
  2. the_gael

    H61M-S2V-B3 Mojave

    I just remembered I had an old H61M based machine lying around which has an nVidia GT640 graphics card (memory tells me it worked natively - so I hope that memory is correct). I am looking for some memory jogging - this Chipset needed an SSDT if I remember correctly and also there was a DSDT...
  3. the_gael

    [Solved] random kernel panics and panic at Wake - nVidia web driver?

    I am experiencing random kernel panics and a fairly consistent but not 100% failure to wake after sleep. In all cases I get a similar kernel panic - see below. I am posting here as the backtrace points at nVidia - is this a known issue or is anyone else experiencing this? I tested my NVRAM and...
  4. the_gael

    ATi 5770 - reflash - Mac Pro1.1 - back to hack

    I have an old ATi 5770 card which was reflashed to work in a Mac Pro 1.1 - I briefly tried it in a hack but it does not display correctly (colours askew, lack of available resolutions). Should this card now be reflashed again in order to use in a hack?
  5. the_gael

    superblock error at boot

    I did a TM recovery when I put a new NVME drive in my hac and now at boot I get an error showing in the APFS text that flashes up at boot. The error is "nx_dev_init:860: warning: superblock indicates jumpstart record but this driver was not loaded from that partition" I had some issues booting...
  6. the_gael

    Apple key stickers for laptop keyboard

    Does anyone know where I can buy stickers to go on the ctrl fn Windows and alt keys of my HP Elitebook - ones that show the Apple fn ctrl alt cmd key symbols? Or do I just have to make ones?
  7. the_gael

    Is the nVidia 10.13.3 driver link dead?

    I have tried to download the nVidia driver using the link on this site, from the following link but the address will not resolve. Has the link been disabled? Was there a problem with the driver? Is it being re-worked? The link from...
  8. the_gael

    Unibeast created Legacy Installer - does not see GUID Drives

    I have been posting in thread on X58 motherboard but I have now established this problem is the same on both an X58 and a H61 based systems that I have tried to install on. When a Unibeast installer is created on on a USB stick which is formatted GUID/HFS Journaled the installer does not see a...
  9. the_gael

    Only 30hz refresh rate - Sierra 10.12.5 - nVidia GTX 750TI - 4K Panasonic TV

    In Mac OS I only get 30hz when screen is driven at 3840x2160. I have a triple boot system with Mac OS / Windows 10 / Elementary OS When I boot into Windows 10 my refresh rate is 60hz when resolution is set to 3840x2160. I would like to achieve 60hz in Mac OS as well. I suspect this must be a...
  10. the_gael

    10.12.3 System Freeze on certain websites - Sky Go, Discovery Channel

    I have posted this on Sky Go support forum here in the UK but thought I would post here as well in case anyone has thoughts on what is going on. My machine works well but since the update to 10.12.3 the Sky Go Player freezes the computer when trying to stream video from Sky Go website. I had...
  11. the_gael

    WOL - Backing up from one hackintosh to another

    Is anyone using WOL to wake up a hack in order to do a backup from another hack? I would like to setup up a hack as a backup and file server but would like it to Wake on Lan rather than being constantly on. I have tried with 2 or three machines which I have configured with wake for network...
  12. the_gael

    User Cache - Graphics

    Is there a user cache that stores graphics information on Sierra? If so is it in ~/Library/Caches and what is its name? The reason I ask is that I appear to have a user specific issue with display see my post below from Post Installation>Graphics #1
  13. the_gael

    Black screen with iMac 14,2 system definition

    I hope some one can shed light on this, excuse the pun, I have experienced this issue only since upgrading to 10.12.2 and on two machines. This is on the machine in my signature. This has worked flawlessly for some considerable time but has today suffered this issue. I have also seen this on a...
  14. the_gael

    Used to auto sleep, then stopped - testing fix

    I thought I would share this in case anyone else has or has had a similar issue. My El Capitan 10.11.6 build stopped auto sleeping in the last month and I could not figure out why. My hardware had not changed , my software had not changed, my config.plist remained the same but a machine that...
  15. the_gael

    Wake Reason: GLAN - Is this a DSDT issue?

    I have posted elsewhere regarding this but getting no response so am trying here. I have a H81M-DS2V, i5, El Capitan 10.11.4 build which works very well excepting sleep. It wakes instantly when it tries to sleep. Wake on Lan is off in Bios and Wake for network access is off in Energy Saver...
  16. the_gael

    instant wake up after sleep

    I have an issue with one of my hacks it is El Capitan 10.11.4, Clover 3424 h81 motherboard with i5 cpu 8gb RAM The system will try to go to sleep but instantly wakes up constantly The system log shows kernel: Wake reason: GLAN HDEF can anyone shed light on what this is?
  17. the_gael

    H61-S2V-B3 Rev1.0 - El Capitan unibeast install - boot flags?

    Hello all, am resurrecting an old motherboard from a previous G4 build and going for an El Capitan Legacy install. Am going to use Unibeast and my question is are there any boot-flags I am going to need in addition to what Unibeast applies by default? Will use an NVIDIA GT 740 so will apply...
  18. the_gael

    Z97X-UD5H Rev 1.0 + USB + El Capitan

    Has anyone got USB3.0 ports working correctly on their Z97X-UD5H with El Capitan. I have been experimenting with the various fixes but all I can get working is a single front USB3.0 port. I have USB2.0 working fine. Interested to hear what others' experience has been.
  19. the_gael

    WDN4800 Airdrop on Yosemite 10.10.2

    I just tried to drop a file from my iPhone 6 to my hack using Airdrop but neither device sees the other despite being on the same Wireless network. My Hack is as per my profile. I have never tried using this before so don't know if it has ever worked. Should this work with no modification...
  20. the_gael

    Clover - Error message - corrupted mode

    Hello I have installed Mavericks using Clover and everything appears to work well except at boot I get a very short flash of an error message referring to "corrupted mode". It does not appear to be affecting anything but I would like to get rid of it if possible. Any thoughts on what could be...