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  1. Potchkey

    Nvidia GeForce GT 640 card not working

    Thanks. I just thought it would work with Lion because it works with the Lion unibeast usb I made.
  2. Potchkey

    Nvidia GeForce GT 640 card not working

    I just purchased this video card and am having trouble getting it to work with my computer. I have tested this card with a windows partition just to make sure that it works correctly. I have also tried booting directly from my UniBeast USB and that works correctly as well. I have tried many...
  3. Potchkey

    Help with my first build. $600 Budget

    Hi, This is my first time building a computer and a hackintosh. I wanted to get some opinions on my build to see if I did the right research and everything should work. Also I wanted to have some suggestions if there is anything that I should change on the parts that I am thinking of buying. I...