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  1. zangadao

    EFI OC 0.77 for Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X

    My EFI folder, if anyone needs. Z490 gaming X i9 10900k rx 580 8GB Shappire
  2. zangadao

    [SOLVED] iGPU Comet Lake 10900k

    Hi everyone. I try hard to make this igpu work, but i cant get any pixel :-( Someone can't help me? The system works very well, all USB, sound... but i cant make the igpu works (now I'm use a old nvidia to boot) My rig: Gigabyte z490 gaming X i9- 10900k 32 gb ram Catalina 10.5.7 OC 0.71 This is...
  3. zangadao

    The curse of UHD630 ghost

    Hi everyone. My build is running very well, but some mysterious things happen: my igpu doesnt appear in System information> GraphicDisplay Tab, but appear in active monitor. VideoProc identify graphics acceleration in system, a render in premiere, both iGPU and GPU has full activity in graphics...
  4. zangadao

    Strange graphic card error

    Hi everyone! My build runs sweet (until now), and some strange (for me) happen. I'm adobe user, and today one partner comes here to edit one video on FCP. After install FCP, doesn't open UNTIL I disable the iGPU. I don't know what happens, because in videoproc says graphic acceleration is OK, my...
  5. zangadao

    Nvidia controls Nvidia drivers, not Apple.

    Now we have a good explanation Why apple doesn't approve the NVidia Drivers. They create a Apple proprietary video graphics board, and we can't compare with RX2080 ou newer NV powerfull boards :(
  6. zangadao

    New Mac Pro

    It's Real? or Fake? The good news is a native Nvida RTX support :)
  7. zangadao

    Thunderbolt Card

    Hi everyone! The Thunderbolt cards GC-ALPINE RIDGE and GC-TITAN RIDGE for gigabytes z370 motherboards are fully compatible with High Sierra and Mojave? :-/
  8. zangadao

    Kingston A1000 M.2 2280

    Hi everyone! The Kingston A1000 M.2 2280 is OBB? Anyone has any issues with this solid drive? Best regards
  9. zangadao

    [Solved] External icons does't work

    Hi everyone! I follow the guide and install high sierra with no issues in my new rig, a z370XP SLI with i7 8700k and GTX 970. Works all USB (including 3.1), audio, etc.... The ONLY...
  10. zangadao

    RAID doubts

    Hi Everyone So, I have used a RAID created directly in Disk Utility on Sierra. Now, I just bought a new rig, with Z370 and will use High Sierra (and Mojave ASAP). IF i create a new RAID through Gigabyte BIOS options, this RAID will be visible to macOS? Or I can create as usual? Best regards
  11. zangadao

    [Solved] Recovery partition

    Hi! I have some issues with my rih, and after restore a backup, the Recovery partition gone (desapear, missing, abducted, I don't know what happen!). Has a some trick to make another one? best regards
  12. zangadao

    Radeon Vega 56

    Hi everyone New ImacPro comes with "Radeon Pro Vega 56". Will be the same of new Radeon RX Vega 56, launch in Sysgraph? Finally a AMD Radeon to running head to head with top Nvidia's?
  13. zangadao

    The old rig isn't to old after all

    It's all about Customacs it's so good! :-)
  14. zangadao

    NVidia Pascal: A new Hope We can have a new hope for Sierra Nvidia Pascal support? Cross my fingers for it
  15. zangadao

    DSDT Database

    Hi Guys! So, the DSDT database will not be updated anymore? Some people has problem to create a DSDT for many MotherBoards, and other have a fully functional DSDT for then. DSDT can easy solve common problems, like USB, Network, etc... Why not put then in the tonymac for download? Best regards
  16. zangadao

    Nvidia Pascal in Mac

    Is really happen?
  17. zangadao

    USB Audio Randon disconnect

    Hi everyone. I have one USB 5.1 adapter, and use it with no problems in Yosemite. Last week, create new fresh install of El Cap 10.11.5 and the USB audio will be recognites OBB (as expected, without intall any kext or flag), but sometimes the USB audio "desappear" (or disconnect) and return...
  18. zangadao

    5.1 audio in z97 motherboards

    Is possible? I try the multibeast 8.2.3 with acl1150 and doesn't work in 10.11.5. Actually I use a cheaper usb audio adapter and works very well with Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 connected. Any tips to get directly from motherboard?
  19. zangadao

    USB Freezing CustoMac

    Hi Guys! My CustoMac has a strange freezing, and I cans solve it. When I plug a external HD in USB3 port, the OsX freezing. If I reset with external drive conected, the system works well. The freezing only happens when the system is running and connect something... I already install a...
  20. zangadao

    AppleKeyStore freeze

    Hi Guys! Anyone knows how to fix this error? Working in Z97 mobos with i4790k processor. Actually, the only working fix is disable turbo in UEFI Bios. My system is a GA-z97-D3H i4790k 16GB HyperX memory 256 SSD Samsung Evo 840 GTX 660