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  1. z0lt4n

    macOS 12.6.1 Update

    OC 0.7.9 and without hassle Do not bother to ask how I put GLaDOS there, she's A.I., she did it herself.
  2. z0lt4n

    macOS 12.6 Update

    I wanted to pay a tribute to the Queen as well
  3. z0lt4n

    macOS 12.5.1 Update

    OpenCore 0.7.9 No hassle update
  4. z0lt4n

    macOS 12.4 Update

    That was a walk in a pleasant park (OC 0.7.9)
  5. z0lt4n

    WWDC22 Online Announced for June 6-10, 2022

    MacOS becoming Open Source Split from Apple altogether!
  6. z0lt4n

    March 8th, 2022 Apple Event

    No words, just a picture...:crazy:
  7. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.3 Update

    It was a bumpy upgrade, but I've learned that I have to RTFM more often OC 0.6.8
  8. z0lt4n

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    this Kitten? ;) Mac OS Grumpy Cat… rules!
  9. z0lt4n

    [Success ] Big Sur Installation a Success, with zfs working

    New openZfsOnOSX version (still beta) @ Whole thread : I'm very appreciative for Mr Lundmans work :)
  10. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.2.3 Update

    Main rig with OC 0.6.6 => two forced poweroffs during update, but all went well.
  11. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.2.3 Update

    Old MacbookPro 10.2 with No problem.
  12. z0lt4n

    Mini Cube — H110MSTX-HD3 — i7-7700T — RX 560

    This post is a hell of a ride. Thank you for sharing. Thanks to the participants to show me that human kindness is not a thing of the past. The community is strong here!
  13. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.2.2 Update

    Very smooth (and slow) update on an old MacBook Pro 10.2 With thanks to
  14. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.2.2 Update

    On my main Hackintosh… A few reboots, with hiccups°, but all went fine in the end. Using OpenCore 0.6.6. And , again, thanks to the community and to tonymacx_86. Have a nice one! °the culprit could be the fact that the Opencore bootloader is not housed on the same disk as macOS X. Felt I had...
  15. z0lt4n

    macOS 11.1 Update

  16. z0lt4n

    [Success ] Big Sur Installation a Success, with zfs working

    Success! At last! Steps Full backup of my Catalina System with CCC Boot in backup Export all of my zfs partitions Uninstall all of zfs, with the scripts provided in: /Volumes/OpenZFS\ on\ OS\ X\ 1.9.4/Docs\ \&\ Scripts/ In that order :, &...
  17. z0lt4n

    Well, this is scary "Your Computer Isn't Yours"

    Thanks bern047, very nice video, very eloquent person and very, very frightening…
  18. z0lt4n

    [Success ] Big Sur Installation a Success, with zfs working

    Upgrade to OC 0.6.3 and to BigMacOSX° succeeded, but installing was an utter failure :mad: => going back with restore from CCC Conclusion: Catalina is here to stay for a while… But I had fun :)
  19. z0lt4n

    [Success ] Big Sur Installation a Success, with zfs working

    But I will do a clean install with OC 0.6.3 Had to use gibMacOs, the download would not work. A few screenshots This ended in an error... Download via gibMacOS & launch InstallAssistant.pkg In the /Applications folder you can then find the installator, launch it to see if it works and then...