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  1. chicago_mike

    Z170 TB3 Presonus Quantum = No Go?

    So I am trying to get my Presonus Quantum to work in HS or Sierra Currently testing on my z97 setup TB2. Looking at the images, it sees the cable , theres firmware and each tb cable is actually serialized. We also see that the Quantum is almost connected, but not fully. Is this a case of...
  2. chicago_mike

    Multibeast 10 hangs on installing FakeSMC

    Multibeast is taking a very long time to install FakeSMC. Should I wait or start over? System Specs: Gigabyte GA-170-Gaming 7 i7-6700K 8 GB DDR4 Kingston 240GB SSD No 3rd party video
  3. chicago_mike

    770GTX and Multibeast 10 settings help

    On the Graphics Configuration page for Multibeast 10, what should I click on, or should I use other kexts, tools from other methods? Just Nividia Graphics fixup? System: GA-Z170-Gaming 7 ( Gigabyte Z170 board ) i7-6700K GTX 770 Reference card ( micro center one with Titan cooler ) Unibeast...
  4. chicago_mike

    unibeast 8 circle w/ slash on Z170/Nvidia 770

    I am getting the classic circle w/slash. My intel gnu is disabled and not set to boot or be recognized. My default gpu is a 770GTX. I do not have inject Nvidia checked. Other than verbose to check things out, what can I do? thanks! EDIT: I get ' Service only ran for 0 seconds '.....should I...
  5. chicago_mike

    EFI checker.dump file. HS

    Okay, it is my first time getting the efi check.dump file. A window pops up asking to report, ignore or open the file. So this will be happening once a week until theres a "fix", which might not be able to happen.
  6. chicago_mike

    Apples naming convention is killer! Literally!!
  7. chicago_mike

    770GTX High Sierra Black Screen , fixup + Lilu needed?

    Sime Q. DO I need Nvidia Fixup and Lilu for a 770GTX reference card for HS? Asking for me. :lol: I get a black screen if I switch from HD530 to it.
  8. chicago_mike

    770GTX Black Screen HS. No kexts or anything though

    My Intel HD530 is working great. I want to reinstall my 770 though. So I did, but I get a black screen. Supposedly works OOB , but never quite did. Always had to use AGDP fixup or whatever its called. Should I use that for HS? Also, nv_disable will freeze HS. So that doesn't work for me. I...
  9. chicago_mike

    Can't install HS, please help if you have similar setup?

    System Spec: Gigabyte GA-170-Gaming 7 Intel 6700K Default intel HD530 Graphics. I cannot install HS for crap. Nothing Black screen. -V only makes the install freeze, -x only crashes the boot. system is a new Sierra install with only minimal install from MultiBeast, UEFI, Intel Fixup, SMBIOS...
  10. chicago_mike

    White Screen...unplug GPU ?

    I can't believe I forgot how to fix this. I had gone back to 10.12 to finish some school stuff for stability. I want to put HS back on My GPU is an 770Ti , I did nv_disable=1 and while it does boot, I obviously get the white screen Should I ubplug my card and use my cpu graphics? HD530 from...
  11. chicago_mike

    C-States and Coil Whine

    So right now I have NO states enabled in Clover. The only state that was set to true or enable, was state 6 ? And the issue was I would get REALLY bad coil whine. So, I understand that no states might make the cpu run a little less efficient, hotter, etc. But are there other issues at hand...
  12. chicago_mike

    Unable to make boot usb

    So I made 2 attempts at high Sierra beta usb. No go on either. One some how was APFS format and the other is GUID, but neither are seen after bios on my setup. I put Kexts in the "Other" Folder since Clover doesn't yet have a 10.13 folder. Do I rename the other folder to 10.13? Do I keep that...
  13. chicago_mike

    [Un-Success] Gaming 7 mobo is a real loser! #Sad!

    This is the worst experience I have ever had with a mobo and hack! I blame the fake news! It's like walking on a mine field and every step is some kind of mine. 1. Install Sierra -- Check 2. Pray 2.5. Install Clover, FakeSMC,NCPU,Kexts -- Check IF I don't get a black screen, proceed...
  14. chicago_mike

    New Build..old Circle With Slash Issue Z170/6700K

    Parts in the new build: 1. Intel 6700K 2. Gigabyte GA-170X-Gaming 7 ( BIOS ) F8 ( came with the motherboard ) 3. Nvidia GTX 770 4. USB 32GB Sandisk Boot USB Stick ( Sierra..for now ) other boot usb has HS Beta 5. Kingston SSD 256GB OS Drive 6. EVGA CLC 280 Dual Fan Liquid Cooler 7. Zalman Z9...
  15. chicago_mike

    [Solved] 2560x1440 not happening on intel 4600 in Sierra

    I have tried a couple patches and fixes, but still stuck at 1080p on my Pavillion 32 ( 32" 2560 monitor ) My intel gpu ram is set at max 1532 or something like that. Should I dumb it down?
  16. chicago_mike

    Can't update for **** Asus Z97-A

    The system was running perfect. But I wanted to do a fresh install vs. uninstalling a lot of apps I didn't use anymore. STOOPID!! Okay, what hangs is the Blue Tooth, I get BSSID stuff. I cannot remember what Kexts to delete and where. SYSTEM Definition: CPU: i5-4590 MOB: Asus Z97-A with...
  17. chicago_mike

    Onboard Audio showing in System Profile but not useable?

    Not sure if this is an easy fix or something I should not worry about for now. I use firewire audio interfaces so I don't really need it. Anyways, Asus Z97-AR ALC 892 audio. It shoes in system profile. But it does not show up in system preferences or Audio / Midi Setup. Will the...
  18. chicago_mike

    Asus Z97-AR / i5 4590 / 650Ti KP CPU caller

    I can't get passed the first Apple Logo screen when trying to install El Capitan / Unibeast method. Legacy OR UEFI unibeast...neither work. I get a KP on Cpu Caller ( no ID ) it looks like. I forgot how to fix this so if anybody has ideas, that would be most welcome!
  19. chicago_mike

    Clover Configurator?? Not sure after install of El Cap...

    So my issue is easy to fix, I think, but since I am not a Clover user really, I could use some help. Can I simply do this with Multibeast or is Clover Configurator best for this stuff?? Heres the main issues: 1. My tower under Clover / Unibeast 6 is seen as a MacBook Pro. However it is a...
  20. chicago_mike

    Can't log into App Store ( cannot verify ) SuperMicro X8 Setup

    New clean install of El Capitan w/ Unibeast and Multicast options. The only issue I am having so far is I cannot get verified to log into my App Store account. My setup: Supermicro X8Dti 2 X5650 cpu 48 gigs ddr3 5 SSD 650 Ti gpu Broadcom WIFI/BT mac pro card ( eBay ) works fine under...