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  1. dronefriend

    Persistant reboot-loop, possibly caused my USB config

    I really would like to get to the bottom with this issue. Sometimes, I think it has to do with having USB devices attached and then disconnected, the computer will get stuck in a reboot when shutting down. When this happens, I have to do a new reboot. If I choose Shut Down again the reboot will...
  2. dronefriend

    AppleLPC not loaded (HWPEnabled w/ XCPM and PluginType1 SSDTs)

    1. Is AppleLPC needed in the first place? 2. Is there a way for it to be enabled with HWPEnable? Note: Running MacBook Pro 14,1 system definition as of yesterday. Problem reporting files attached kextstat output: Last login: Mon Sep 25 09:43:46 on console alex-macbook-pro:~ sys$...
  3. dronefriend

    So confused! AMD Vega 56 or GTX 1080 for video editing

    I never game. I use Davinci Resolve, Adobe apps and AVID. Which way should I go? If I go with Vega 56 I have to upgrade my PSU (I only have 1x8 PCI pin out) and I'd rather not do that. In Geekbench the Nvidia card beats AMD in OSX, and pretty much in Windows too. In OpenCL scores. And the apps...
  4. dronefriend

    What are the benefits from installing to L/E

    ... as opposed to just put in Clover/Kexts and inject? Assuming the kext(s) does not rely on being installed, such as a hacked AppleHDA etc. I moved all my kexts recently to inject. I can now enable SIP fully, disable kext-dev-mode and will likely not break my machine by incorrectly installing...
  5. dronefriend

    Are Vega, OpenCL... working?

    How is that Vega working? OpenCL Geekbench and Luxmark scores? Can you see the boot screen when booting?
  6. dronefriend

    10.12.6 Public Beta 5 kernel panic

    Had it updated, everything working. Replaced AppleHDA and rebuilt cache. Then it broke. I've tried booting with AppleHDA as 'disabled kext' but it wont make a difference.. also tried specifying igfx properties as 0x12345678 to see if I had to rerun the rehab dmvc - allocated (spelling?) patch...
  7. dronefriend

    [Solved] Slow boot on macOS Sierra 10.12.5, is my boot log strange?

    New ground for me so not quite sure what to search for.. My laptop boots almost instantly, under 10 seconds, while my desktop is very slow. Clover boot.log, the longest waiting time in bold: nope that didn't work when posting code. Sorry! 0:100 0:100 MemLog inited, TSC freq: 4008560530...
  8. dronefriend

    Glitchy audio.. Realtek 236 rev 2

    Right now using a patch made by Mirone with unknown changes to AppleHDA. But has been this way with many patches I've tried, including AppleALC+Lilu and another solution with a patch found on this board, using vanilla AppleHDA and 6 Clover patches (one disabled). Same results.. This is the...
  9. dronefriend

    [Guide-WIP] Lenovo Ideapad 710s 13 Kaby Lake

    This guide is for the Lenovo Ideapad 710s 13inch laptop Intel 7200U, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB Samsung PM961 NVMe SSD & 1080p IPS screen. This guide has been made possible with much help from the RehabMan, and a large portion of the patches or kexts are his creation. All other creations such as...
  10. dronefriend

    Flash Player (I think) hangs webpages after Sleep

    I enabled sleep through darkwake=8 on my desktop a couple of days ago. Everything seems to be working beautifully,except for this. Pages such as Facebook now hangs upon loading them. Pages with video also hangs. A reboot solves the problem, and sleeping makes it occur again. Running 12.3 on...
  11. dronefriend

    [SOLVED] Broke /Clover/, cannot boot. How replace?

    I cannot boot from SSD anymore. I have the files I need on backup. I need to replace config.plist, and delete DSDT.aml in /Patched/ on the SSD EFI. Do I have to have the Sierra Installer (the system is on Sierra) on the USB to make it bootable? I have tried loading a USB with only Clover...
  12. dronefriend

    Help with post-install Lenovo Ideapad 710s-13IKB

    Installation background: This thread is meant to iron out the last work to make this laptop usable as a daily laptop with MacOS. I am not skilled in this. All I have achieved has been through various...
  13. dronefriend

    Preparing a Lenovo 710s 7200U Samsung NVMe for OSX

    I have read this thread Which makes me want to try El Capitan, since it seems more stable. I will be using this method...
  14. dronefriend

    Speeding up boot possible?

    My boot times are normal I think, but I'd like them to be as fast as possible. My question is, can I make Clover boot macOS faster by filling out more of the options in Clover so Clover doesn't have to fill them in for me during boot? Can I analyze my booting process and look for things that...
  15. dronefriend

    HD530 problem (resolution) on Sierra 12.3

    Hello! I have applied the MultiBeast platform-ID patch, the 4 displays patch in KextstoPatch and 8 patches from Pike R Alpha under /Devices for the HD530. The glitches are gone (I think). Two new problems I didn't have on Capitan: * I can't run my monitor in its native 1440p over HDMI using...
  16. dronefriend

    Sierra (Or El Capitan) on a Lenovo Ideapad 710s Kaby Lake?

    What is your initial gut feeling about this setup? 7200U / 620 Graphics 8 GB RAM Samsung PM951 256 GB SSD Is it possible it'll work? Can I look at other laptop guides here for some clues? Which ones? Is it just impossible to tell? Give me your feedback :)
  17. dronefriend

    6700K on Z170 throttles when under 100% load

    What can I do to avoid this? It's clocked at 4.6 GHz. When under full load, it continously throttles every 4th second. I can both see this in HWMonitor and hear the fan slow down.
  18. dronefriend

    Perfect install wont boot after altering smbios

    I did two things. Tried to fix recognition of external harddrives by putting the latest rehabmans usbinjectall in efi/clover/kexts/10.11 And also changed smbios from imac 17.1 to pro 5.1. Then I realized i probably broke my imessage by doing that and tried to restore my old serials, which I...
  19. dronefriend

    CPU & GPU overclocking in OS X - possible?

    My System Definition 17,1 is an iMac with Turbo Boost up to 4,2 GHz. Would overclocking above that point be useless with OS X not supporting 4,4 or above? What about the GPU,is there a way in OS X like there is on Windows? :beachball::shifty:
  20. dronefriend

    No multiple display support on HD 530

    Both displays (one 1440p monitor and one 1080p TV) work fine if they are connected single to the computer. But when I connect both simultanelously the Apple logo disappears halfway through boot, the screen on the Dell goes black, then a very distorted image appears, mostly it's blue but this...