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  1. KevinM

    Config my OpenCore SMBIOS fields Question

    Note: I'm moving from Clover to OpenCore and setting up the config.plist I'm wondering if these fields are required within OpenCore. See Screenshot. Thanks!
  2. KevinM

    Misconfigured Memory Message

    After updating to Catalina, I got this message about my 4 sticks of DDR4 The system still recognizes it.
  3. KevinM

    .kext Extensions folder and EFI Other .kext

    I'm now sure how to ask this question... but will the system have conflicts if the EFI folder .kext boots with the same named .kext files within the Library/Extensions folder or should everything just be in the Extensions folder? Thanks and still in understanding mode. K
  4. KevinM

    Updating Clover from 4920 (Boots) to 5070 (Wont Boot)

    First of all thanks to all the people here to configure / troubleshoot and get these systems up and running!! I've built my first Freakintosh with the help of this community and software. I have recommended hardware (Z380 Designware) and been able to boot and use the system (Even iMessage) My...