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  1. craighazan

    Cyber Monday!.

    Amazon have kicked off their Cyber Monday promotion already, some quick picks so far!. Ram prices are holding steady...
  2. craighazan

    AMD 620 Chipset arriving Q3 2023!

    Now that we have confirmation of Ryzen 7000 booting Monterey and Ventura, thanks to CaseySJ and a boot-arg!. The rest of us who don't mind waiting or sacrificing some of AM5's best features can look forward to budget friendly options...
  3. craighazan

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D $329!

    The AMD store has started a Pre-Black Friday promotion and down at the very bottom you'll find Ryzen 7 5800X3D, (the worlds best gaming CPU btw) for $329, sold out obviously!. But some of the other deals look quite good and with Dr Lisa Su promising AM4 support for a few more years yet, it's...
  4. craighazan

    WSJ Sir Jony Ive “The death of a company is so ugly.”

    Sir Jony Ive is interviewed by the WSJ and talks about his design philosophy and life after Apple. Via MacRumors.
  5. craighazan

    AMD Together we advance_gaming @4PM

    Another excuse for picking up an older, cheaper AMD GPU!. AMD will be announcing its Radeon RX 7000 "RDNA 3" GPUs later today.
  6. craighazan

    What's on your Christmas Wish List!.

    With the global economic climate not looking so rosy at the moment, Santa's probably happy that at least his life will be easier this year!. I'm hoping to find one of these in my stocking on Christmas morning!, what a great name, the heat sink is made by TT Racing AM4_Copp_R7. $43.39 on Amazon
  7. craighazan

    Removing 'Radeon' from the 'About this Mac' window

    Another smooth update through system settings booting OpenCore 0.8.5. Working on removing the word 'Radeon' from the 'About this Mac' window. I don't think the new Ventura screensaver is as good as Monterey's.
  8. craighazan

    Intels 6 Best CPUs (according to dt)

    The 8086 is probably my favorite!. 'The other consequence was an accident. IBM required Intel to find a partner that could manufacture additional x86 processors, just in case Intel couldn’t make enough. The company Intel teamed up with was none other than AMD, which at the time was just a small...
  9. craighazan

    Oof!, i9-13900K reaches 8.81 GHz

    Ouch!, Looks like the flies will be gossiping on AMDs boardroom walls this morning!. Not only have forecasts been lowered for the coming year, they lost the Bragging Flag too!. Will we see 10 GHz CPUs next year...
  10. craighazan

    Optiplex 3050 Case Mod!.

    Love the color!. Nice mod for inspiration, pretty sure my 7040 has the same case design.
  11. craighazan

    Remembering Steve Jobs.

    Our beloved Steve passed eleven years ago today.
  12. craighazan

    Metal 3 Compatibility!

    Following a post I created last night I came across this page on Apples Developer site. I didn't realize my recycled build supports Metal 3, so I will be able to play No Mans Sky on my Recycled build!, but not on my AM4G5.
  13. craighazan

    Google Japan GBoard!

    Interesting idea, would make a great piano!. Not sure I could concentrate on my work, I'd be laughing to much!.
  14. craighazan

    Will It, Won't It — 7950X & Asus X670E-F gaming Wifi

    Interesting conversation going on over at AMD OSX, some Ryzen 7000 Testing in progress!. You decide!.
  15. craighazan

    CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200 $49.99 Newegg & Amazon.

    Under $50 now!, I have these installed in my AM4G5, solid and reliable. Amazon also has them at the same price.
  16. craighazan

    Apple October Event 2022?

    Gurman click baiting has started. 'Apple appears to have three product updates on the roster for the remainder of 2022: updated 11-inch and 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ models with the M2 chip, an updated ‌Mac mini‌ with ‌M2‌ and unannounced "‌M2‌ Pro" chip options, and updated 14-inch and 16-inch...
  17. craighazan

    A History of ARM. Part 1

    Ars Technica have started a new series looking into the history of ARM.
  18. craighazan

    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X overclocked to 7.2 GHz single core, 6.5 GHz all cores.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall of Intels boardroom when they read news like this. Do things get thrown out of windows, ketchup slung at walls, we'll never know, only flies are privy to such information...
  19. craighazan

    CODE 2022 Interview. Tim Cook, Sir Jony Ive KBE, and Lauren Powell Jobs.

    A lot of uncomfortable shifting around at the beginning, just started watching.
  20. craighazan

    Scribble Your Own Mid Tower Case.

    Nice idea.