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  1. innerd

    Can't boot after update bios

    Hi, as i said in the title i updated my notebook in spec from bios 300 to 304, after that i can't boot anymore. I removed the dsdt and the ssdt generated with the old bios but no luck anyway. As far as i know the pc stuck just before the apple logo so i think it is somehow related to the igpu...
  2. innerd

    Cant boot clover

    Hi guys, after installing ubuntu on another partition i can't boot clover. It gives me this error. How can i fix it?
  3. innerd

    Problem with dw1830

    Hi, I just installed a DW1830 but it doesn't connect to my wifi. Do you have any idea ? Can it be a defective one?
  4. innerd

    Handoff problem

    Hi, im having problem with handoff, i can see the icon on the dock when i use my iphone but when i open the app it gives me this error "impossible completare handoff".
  5. innerd

    [solved] No audio

    Hi, im having some problems with audio and boot. Sometimes the laptop stucks on the apple logo and others times boots with no audio devices (like 50% of times).
  6. innerd

    Hdmi problem

    After reading all the topics about hdmi problems i tried to connect my notebook too with hdmi to test it and, at the first, nothing happened. Next i tried to boot with the monitor connected and worked except for the fact that the laptop monitor was disabled permanently. So i read online that the...
  7. innerd

    Random freezes

    Hi guys, im having random freezes on my asus n552vx, usually it happens when im on telegram or watching a video but i can not isolate the cause.
  8. innerd

    [solved] "The Disk You Inserted Was Readable" problem

    Im trying to access my external ntfs hdd but i cannot read the files, i can only initialize, ignore or eject. It works on windows. I attach also my "diskutil list" output
  9. innerd

    Sleep problem with asus n552vx

    Hi guys, sorry for my English in first place. I'm having problems with sleep in high sierra, when I leave the pc it goes into sleep and reboots, same thing when I close the screen. If I use the fn keys instead the screen remains black. It works, sometimes, if I use the option from the...