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  1. ckrueger99

    X299: Designare vs ASRock Creator

    Looking for advice on which of the above boards to buy. I need 10G LAN and Thunderbolt built in, so these seem to be the logical choices. Feel free to link to an existing discussion, if one exists.
  2. ckrueger99

    USBMap: trouble compiling SSDT-RHUB-Reset.dsl

    After having built and saved a "SSDT-RHUB-Reset.dsl" with the "H. Generate ACPI To Reset RHUBs", I get the following syntax errors in MaciASL when I try to compile the .dsl file: (line, code, message) 13, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting PARSEOP_CLOSE_PAREN 15, 6126...
  3. ckrueger99

    Stuck on "IOConsoleUsers" with ASRock W480, 10850K, iGPU

    In hacking the new ASRock W480 Creator, I seem to have encountered a problem installing macOS, where I get stuck near "IOConsoleUsers". Per the Dortania suggestions, I have: Disabled CSM in the BIOS Set ig-platform-id ("PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)" "00009B3E") and device-id...
  4. ckrueger99

    Running Catalina installer onto a disk with a pre-built EFI folder.

    Is it possible to run the Catalina installer (from a USB drive or whatever) to install OS X onto a drive with a pre-built, fully formatted EFI folder? In other words, does the installer do anything to the EFI volume as it does its thing or is it simply adding OS X and related files into the...