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  1. RadMatty

    Catalina install working but needs help booting

    I have two drives on my Desktop machine, one has a successful installation of Mohave, the other has a new installation of Catalina.. If I select the Catalina Drive as my boot drive it gets to the apple boot screen and hangs up.. If I select my Mohave Drive to boot from and switch to the Catalina...
  2. RadMatty

    This Combination Okay for an matx Build?

    Anybody see anything wrong with my selections here for an MATX build? Particularly, is the 3000mhz memory and 9th gen i5 a good match for this motherboard?
  3. RadMatty

    Mojave: Where to Download the Full OS?

    I am on a custom Mac that is up to date. I want to do a clean install on a new SSD and I can't find my unibeast installer. Where/How can I download the full install of Mojave?
  4. RadMatty

    New GA Z170 Customac: problems upgrading OS, and graphics resolution

    Running the Intel 630 graphics,16 GB of DDR4 RAM. my boot drive is a 250 GB sanDisk SSD. On a GA Z170MX-gaming-5 mobo. Everything is running pretty nicely, except that I can not upgrade 10.13.1 using Apple's updater and I can only get 1680 x 1050 resolution on my 1920 x 1080 DVI monitor. I also...
  5. RadMatty

    Is it Possible to Upgrade Bios Without a CPU for Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 rev. 1.0?

    When this motherboard came out it was originally meant to run with Skylake CPUs, but with F20 bios or newer it is also able to run Kaby Lake processors. I already have a Kaby i5 processor, if I buy one of these boards with an older bios installed does that mean that I will need a Skylake cpu to...
  6. RadMatty

    Need help interpreting preboot.log

    In trying to track down some problems I'm having with setting display resolutions in System Preferences I noticed that Clover boot loader has a provision to let us generate the file called preboot.log. I did it and when I read the results I saw this little bit: 0:417 0:094 === [ InitScreen ]...
  7. RadMatty

    After High Sierra Install Can Not Control Display Resolutions...

    ...And Other Display Options. My motherboard is very old, but it has been running Sierra flawlessly. Since the installation of hi Sierra, I have been stuck with a single monitor resolution of 1024 x 768. Of all the things I've looked at for possible solutions, a file, that I got the computer to...
  8. RadMatty

    After HS Install Cannot Control Display Resolutions And Other Options

    My old motherboard was doing great with Sierra but when I installed High Sierra I lost control of my Monitor settings. Now I am stuck with a single resolution of 1024x768. Perhaps there is a Preferences file that needs to be deleted? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. RadMatty

    Z68 Motherboard w/UEFI BIOS: Won't boot without installer USB

    I recently upgraded the bios on my Z68ma-d2h-b3 board to UEFI. Then I did a clean install of High Sierra using a USB drive that I made with Unibeast. Then I ran Multibeast. I am stuck at a point now where my High Sierra installation only boots with the installer. Without the installer I just get...
  10. RadMatty

    z68 Motherboard w/UEFI: Won't boot without installer USB

    That said, I am pretty happy that I was able to get UEFI bios working on this board and get 10.13.1 installed. I used UniBeast and MultiBeast to do a clean install. Now if I select the USB it boots normally and does what it is supposed to do. If I select the OSX drive it boots only with the usb...
  11. RadMatty

    6 Series Mobo: Can't Download High Sierra

    It's probably because my system description is that of an unsupported Mac , Mac Pro 3.1. I'm running 10.11.6 with Gigabyte legacy BIOS. I have taken a renewed interest in this project because I understand that my board will update to UEFI BIOS. I have a plan for that. Now I need to download...
  12. RadMatty

    Kernel Panic Installing El Cap: CPUPowerManagement Issue Z68/i5-2500K

    I'm trying to install clover and El Capitan on a second drive on my SandyBridge desktop custommac, but I can't get past a kernel panic that happens when the Unibeast installer tries to boot the OS X installer. The (unibeast/El Cap) installer USB worked once to install El Capitan and Clover on...
  13. RadMatty

    CPU Swap Broke My El Cap Installation

    I swapped out my i3 processor for an i5 2500k. After the swap it failed to boot the first time. Then it succeded the second time. Now it won't boot. i've tried several more times. It fails towards the end of the apple boot. It will boot off of a Yosemte installer usb and also off of an Ubuntu...
  14. RadMatty

    Can't Get Legacy Boot Mode

    Can't Get Legacy Boot Mode w/UniBeast USB When I made my El Capitan installer with UniBeast I chose Legacy mode for my six series motherboard, but when I boot from the USB stick I am only offered a "boot from EFI" option, which generates an error message.
  15. RadMatty

    Can't Get Beyond Yosemite/Apple Startup Screen

    Can't Get Beyond Startup Screen! On startup everything goes fine until the Apple startup screen appears. Then progress stops. All I see at that point is a white screen with a grey Apple logo with a progress bar below it (see attached image). The progress bar is idle. My system is the one...
  16. RadMatty

    How to Create a Bootable USB Stick To Run Ubuntu?

    I want to create a USB stick with a self-contained installation of Ubuntu Linux that will boot and run on my customac. My customac is running great w/Mavericks 10.9.4. I downloaded the latest Ubuntu desktop here: And I'm trying to determine...
  17. RadMatty

    Valid DVD Drive could not be found -70012 -- Mavericks

    My customac has the "Valid DVD Drive could not be found -70012" problem. I see that a lot of users had this with 10.8, but I don't see any discussion relating to 10.9. I'm running 10.9.2. Is this something that MulitiBeast 6.2 can fix? Or what?
  18. RadMatty

    Updated to 10.9.2 now have problems with HD 3000 video

    The system profiler says I have only 3 MB of HD 3000 memory and my maximum screen resolution is 1024 x 768. It should be 1680 x 1024 or something like that. All I did after the update was run MultiBeast 6.1.0 dsdt-free to repair the audio. What can I do? update: Just shutting down for a few...
  19. RadMatty

    Customac Won't Wake From Sleep

    I had this problem with 10.6.8 but not with 10.7.5. Lion was the best running OS I've had on this customac so far. Never ran 10.8 but now that I'm running 10.9 the computer goes to sleep but can only be woken up by pressing a key, then unplugging and replugging a usb device and then pressing a...
  20. RadMatty

    Every time the system crashes I lose onboard audio.

    I'm getting system freezes a couple times a day. After a clean install everything is running fine, Audio is great. And then after a couple hours of good times I get a system freeze and when I restart, no onboard audio.