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  1. stehor

    msi R7 250 + clover testing

    so far works OOB havent tested hdmi audio or sleep may need to do some config shows as 7600m let me know if u want some benchies done. not sure what apps to use for testing this is my first amd card ever edit YouTube not working edit tested with chameleon wizard AtiConfig=Oland AtiPorts=3...
  2. stehor

    universal x79 guide mobo use your imagination Mavericks 10.9

    x79 guide mobo use your imagination Mavericks 10.9 if u don't know x79 has no support in osx if u can't deal with boot flags and sleep not working then don't read any more. ok lets start get your uni stick out and plug in. open chameleon wizard and add what ive done in the screenshot some need...
  3. stehor

    XCPM binary patching mach_kernel patching

    I've seen this in pikes blog that rehabman made a patch for the kernel that fixes reboot without pmpatch does anybody know when this will be in clover or chimera I'm using 2482 now don't see it in the binary patching options
  4. stehor

    hd2500 gfx patch in your repo

    will it be id as a 2500 or hd4000 i was reading some post a few monthes ago and they had the hd2500 id as hd4000 i dont want to give out bad info thx
  5. stehor

    [CLOSED] PCIRoot=0,1,2

    mac man please include this fix for new users in unibeast and multibeast ive helped a few people this week that needed this fix for 670/680 gfx cards one of them had an x79 mobo. my testers have great success with my fixes thx for your time heres an example screenshot. dont open with chameleon...
  6. stehor

    guide asrock z77 pro3 bios 1.90 patched

    guide asrock z77 pro3 bios 1.90 1. patch your bois with pmpatch or bois config oc tweaker change cpu ratio to per core other wise sleep wont work,disable internal pll over voltage. 3.advaced north bridge config, primary graphics adapter pci express,shared memory...
  7. stehor

    any hope for ivy bridge kernel for snow leopard please still

    Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 7.26.01 AM
  8. stehor


    have tried the norm cpus=1 busratio=28 to no avail.hopefully 10.6.8 kernel will fix