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  1. Henties

    Mixing RAM?? C15 and C16 Corsair VENGEANCE LPX

    @Nicholox you can of cause just scale down the first pair to C16 in the bios memory section of your mobo. Greetings Henties
  2. Henties

    Bluetooth connection problems.

    Hi @Edhawk, yes all are signed in to the same iCloud account with synchronisation among devices taking place via iCloud. That particular operation mode is indeed the BT connection blocker, as you have indicated, and I also learned by consulting some responses returned via Google. Later during...
  3. Henties

    Bluetooth connection problems.

    I am using Fenvi T919 Broadcom cards in all my hacks and can connect my Apple BT keyboards as well as Apple BT mice without any problems and with no additional kexts required. I can however not BT connect my Apple Air 2 iPad as well as my iPhone 6+ devices. Using OC 0.8.6 released on 7 November...
  4. Henties

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    We are hacking in more modern times at the moment, If you wish to come aboard adjust your needs to something more oriented to the present era of hacking, at least as far as your hardware is concerned. Greetings Henties
  5. Henties

    GA-Z97-HD3 BIOS Update

    @simonsaba on my GA-Z97X-UD3H (rev.1.0) only slightly different than yours, I am using bios F10b with 4 x Crucial men. sticks, without any problems. Greetings Henties
  6. Henties

    Working Network card for Z490 vision G

    @jpz4085 What a surprise to also find you on this board and in particular that you were able dig up this WOL topic dating back so many years, a topic I have myself completely forgotten about that it actually exists on this forum. I have already regenerated the network location on Monterey a...
  7. Henties

    Black screen after boot with cursor

    @andytan trying to complement what other wisecracks have suggested, I recommend that you pay much more attention, once your hack is working again, to what you do to your hack whilst it is running normally. A statement such as "my computer was working fine until I installed SOMETHING that asked...
  8. Henties

    Working Network card for Z490 vision G

    @jaymonkey In response to a posting of yours on another board concerning a working alternative for an Intel i255-V onboard NIC I recommend the D-Link Gigabit DGE-560T, which works extremely well with Mieze's RealtekRTL8111.kext Version 2.4.2. The advantage is that this NIC operates in full...
  9. Henties

    Custom SSDT's using Corpnewt's SSDTTime

    No your understanding is wrong The power definitions embedded in the USBPorts.kext are universal and do not apply to selected USB ports only, these definitions function in the same universal manner as those found in the SSDT-USBX.aml file. Using both these files in one and the same hack, namely...
  10. Henties

    Custom SSDT's using Corpnewt's SSDTTime

    @miliuco Indeed the SSDT-EC-USBX.aml is actually 2 .aml's in one, just a plain SSDT-EC.aml, to provide the fake EC device, usually suffices. However if you prefer using a combo SSDT-EC-USBX.aml instead then just remove the USB power definitions that Hackintool embeds into the info.plist file of...
  11. Henties

    Custom SSDT's using Corpnewt's SSDTTime

    "Note. Any system using a Skylake or newer CPU will also require the SSDT-USBX.aml table for USB power. This can be downloaded from below and added to the /OC/ACPI folder and config.plist with the other tables." @Edhawk @miliuco When a USBPorts.kext file, generated with Hackintool is used a...
  12. Henties

    Bluetooth strangeness, intermittent connection loss

    @Ronzelver you can leave XMP profile 1 on just find the highest speed under which BT still functions normally, and stick to that instead, with XMP profile 1 remaining on. Regards Henties
  13. Henties

    Bluetooth strangeness, intermittent connection loss

    @JohnRobie then you are lucky because most that use GA-7490 mobos and above suffer from the problem that at speeds higher than 2933 MHz bluetooth works properly however once the machine has gone to sleep and subsequently woken again bluetooth peripherals - magic mouse and keyboard - stop...
  14. Henties

    Bluetooth strangeness, intermittent connection loss

    @JohnRobie , I am also using 2 of the BCM943602CS cards, each with a GA-Z490 Vision G build, and both work OOB without any extra kexts or whatever. Both these Vision G builds also dual boot between Big Sur and Monterey, and other opsyses with only OC 0.7.6 nightly built boot loader configured...
  15. Henties

    z490 Vision G sleep ? (z490 vision G+ Fenvi + RX580 + Titan ridge)

    @leekh3 Suggest you upgrade your bios that least F20 and even beyond if you are planning to use Windows 11 as well. Regards Henties
  16. Henties

    Monterey Apple Menu > Shutdown / Restart Instantly Restarts Computer

    @Edhawk During my hacking years I discovered that "less is actually more" Any questions you may have after scrutinising my EFI folder are obviously welcome. Have a good look at the beginning of the config.plist file and don't skip the dictionary entry as it contains important information that is...
  17. Henties

    Monterey Apple Menu > Shutdown / Restart Instantly Restarts Computer

    @Edhawk you could and should get by with a much leaner configuration as far as your Haswells are concerned. I attached mine so it is easier to see what I mean. My Haswell build has been stable, with this configuration in all respects and for as long as I can remember. Platforminfo --> Generic...
  18. Henties

    << Solved >> Where do i find Asmedia.kext???

    For my 4 Big Sur and earlier builds, being Haswell, Skylake and 2 Comet Lake iterations, I do not need a kext for anything that I want to connect to which is relying on an ASMedia based controller to function correctly. Of cause the USB port used to plug in your ASMeadia controlled device into...
  19. Henties

    << Solved >> Gigabyte Z490 Vision G random reboots

    I guess the problem you are experiencing has to do with the onboard Intel Ethernet Controller I225-V. Suggest you disable that thing in BIOS and see how it goes. In my particular environment, that measure worked indeed. For network communication I am now using WiFi, provided for me in my rig by...
  20. Henties

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.9 > 0.7.0 differences

    @deeveedee and what is the use of that going to be ??? Regards Henties