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  1. redversus

    Bios keeps putting Windows Boot Manager as priority over Clover Drive

    Hey guys, I seem to have everything up and running with a dual boot system, except that my bios keeps putting the windows boot manager as the first priority boot option by itself, even though I have it set it to be Clover. It will be fine until it's shut down for a long while, then puts it back...
  2. redversus

    [Solved] i7-6700k Frequency always at 4.2GHz

    Thanks for the replies guys, though it seems to have fixed itself! Seems to always be at max on windows now though..
  3. redversus

    [Solved] i7-6700k Frequency always at 4.2GHz

    Hello all, I've recently put together this hackintosh with the help of Stork's amazing Maximus Hero VIII guide. Everything appears to be working, though I have checked the CPU frequency with HWMonitor as well as Intels Power Gadget and they are showing the frequency at a constant 4.2GHz when...
  4. redversus

    Best z170 or z270 Asus Mobo with as little tinkering as possible?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to build a new pc and am looking at Asus boards to pair with an i7-6700k. Will either be going ATX of MATX and have pretty much narrowed it down to the Z270g, z270f, z170 pro gaming/aura, or maximus viii hero boards. I'm looking for the board that is going to involve the...
  5. redversus

    Best fully supported motherboard for Socket 1150 i7-4770k?

    Hey guys, I'm changing up my desktop a little and swapping out the motherboard and gfx card. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a fully supported motherboard for a socket 1150 i7-4770k processor? I will be using either a gtx 1060 or 1070 and ideally wanted to run a 4k monitor at...