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  1. begleyj

    Update Directly to macOS Big Sur

    Upgraded my MacPro 7,1 build to Big Sur today - seamless, and unattended upgrade :headbang: Updated to OpenCore 0.64, introduced the use of "CpuTscSync.kext", replacing "TSCAdjustReset.kext", as well as following "Fixing MacPro7,1 Memory Errors", and removing...
  2. begleyj

    New Clover Release v5.1 r5123/4/5/6/7 - Big Sur Support

    Interesting to read through this thread, and at the risk of being flamed by some, I must ask why persist with Clover, when it has now become a hybridised boot loader dependant on OpenCore to boot Big Sur? Why not take the time to follow the clear and concise guides on OpenCore’s site...
  3. begleyj

    Best MB for i9-10980xe?

    I rebuilt my system a few weeks back, but before doing so I did a DSDT dump and went through the ACPI patching details here, from top to bottom; For the sake of learning, I created a full set of the necessary patches specific to my system...
  4. begleyj

    How migrate from Clover to Opencore? (Catalina)

    I've recently built two new machines with OpenCore (OC6.0 MacPro 7,1 w/ i9-10980XE CPU on MSI X-299-A PRO MB, and OC6.1 iMac 15,1 w/ an old XEON CPU and ASRock z97 MB), and finally converted my "daily drive" (OC6.2 iMac 18.3 w/ i7-7700k on GA-Z270-HD3 MB) across from Clover. In each instance I...
  5. begleyj

    Best MB for i9-10980xe?

    I got my i9-10980XE build up and running the weekend before last. Built on an MSI x299-A-PRO, and 128Gb DDR4 3200 RAM - configured as an iMac Pro 1,1.
  6. begleyj

    [Success] Bortoni's GA-Z270-HD3 | i7-7700k | Radeon RX560 | NVMe

    @bortoni, are you suggesting that you've native NVRAm support. If so, was it as a result of you updating your Motherboard BIOS?
  7. begleyj

    Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working In Catalina

    interestingly, I've been busily shuffling things around on hard disks today, and being asked regularly to approve things like deletions with my Apple Watch - all successfully. Unfortunately still not unlocking, so disabled for now.
  8. begleyj

    Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working In Catalina

    Yeah, it does. I even went as far as unpairing my watch and then re-pairing it - all to no avail. :banghead:
  9. begleyj

    Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working In Catalina

    So further to @scottkendall , just completed a fresh install of 10.15.2, and the result is SNAFU, no different - exactly as @matksr has stated above.
  10. begleyj

    Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working In Catalina

    Seems that 10.15.2 does not resolve this. I recently updated from 10.14.6 (Patch 2) directly to 10.15.1, and it was at this point I lost the ability to unlock with my Apple Watch - post the update I followed The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration published by @UtterDisbelief...
  11. begleyj

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    In moving to an iMac 18.3 system definition, did you simply update the relevant 3-4 keys in the SMBIOS section of your config.plist, leaving your serial number untouched and removed the FakeCPUID setting?
  12. begleyj

    [Fix] 10.12/10.13 Nvidia 2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10xx Series Black Screen

    Another option, which I have employed, is to add "agdp=Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86" to my boot arguments string, no need to "hack" AppleGraphicsControl.kext" to get past the black screen at boot anymore. The long and the short of it, as discovered by Pike R Alpha, is that this particular boot argument...
  13. begleyj

    macOS 10.12.2 Update

    You might want to consider the option I found, thanks to Pike R Alpha, which removed the need to continually update the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext;
  14. begleyj

    macOS 10.12.2 Update

    Updated successfully this morning to 12.2.2, and thanks to "fix" from Pike R Alpha, adding "agdp=Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86" to my boot arguments string, no need to "hack" AppleGraphicsControl.kext" to get past the black screen at boot anymore...
  15. begleyj

    macOS Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Did you edit the kext directly, if so did you rebuild caches etc? I actually took a copy of the kext first, made the necessary updates and then used "kext utility" (though I am sure KextBeast from TonyMac site will work too) per bilbo123's original post to install the updated kext.
  16. begleyj

    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    I had this very same problem with my "iMac 12.2" Hack with a nVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost. Details are here; #376, thanks to bilbo123, my Hack is back up and running, just had to add Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio to this in order repair audio. :headbang:
  17. begleyj

    macOS Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    This worked for me, though I did NOT add the "CsmVideoDxe-64" file into Clover. I am running Clover 3763, configured as an iMac 12.2 with a nVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost. Simply edited the "AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext" within the Plugins section of the "AppleGraphicsControl.kext" under S/L/E...
  18. begleyj

    Not getting any video after installing Sierra...

    So is it fair to suggest that Apple are checking against the Board ID, and if it is NOT supposed to have a say a GTX650Ti Boost in it, it disables the video output as unsupported? If that is the case, using your method disables this? Problem is though, I am configured as a iMac 12.2, and have...
  19. begleyj

    how to get usb 3.0 working on GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3???

    I removed the "GenericUSBXHCI.kext" and rebooted, and was greeted with two "USB 3.0 Bus" entries in my System Information Report. Connecting devices also shows them in the System Information Report, though disks don't mount and my USB Audio Headset passes no audio either through the microphone...