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  1. edexNORTH


    First of all I want to thank you to shilohh for providing fix for after-boot-black-screen here #1 and to pikealpha for the famous Sierra skylake glitch here #2 and finally to Rehabman for providing superhuman level help for those who lost count how many try-fail restart cycles they had like me...
  2. edexNORTH

    How to activate 'BisonCam NB Pro'

    My friend's cpu : 4720HQ My cpu : 6700HQ My friend's laptop has the same brand, same exact components, except the chipset(cpu) and when I clean(usb) install Sierra on his laptop 'BisonCam NB Pro' worked out of the box. But when I install Sierra to my laptop with the same installer...
  3. edexNORTH

    Why there is no MBP 11.5 smbios available on the internet

    Are there any particular reasons to not to use Macbook Pro 11.5 smbios. If there is none why people doesn't made and shared one already.
  4. edexNORTH

    AMD Radeon HD 6650M problem in 10.11

    I installed "El Capitan" with Enoch-Chameleon everything is fine except the GPU. I was able to activate my (0x6741, 0x05131025, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS, "AMD Radeon HD 6650M") in mavericks by using (patched DSDT + patched kext) method i found here ...