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  1. Yamcha

    Radeon 5850 recognized as HD 5000 Series

    Radeon 5850 recognized as HD 5000 Series (SOLVED) Hello Guys, Just finished Installing Mac OSX Mountain Lion successfully, was also able to boot into ML but I cannot get the graphics card to recognize correctly, about this mac shows it has HD 5000 Series card, while animations are nice and...
  2. Yamcha

    Occasional Crashes on Boot Up..

    Hi Guys, So I've been suffering with occasional crashes/panic when I see the apple loading screen, I then restart, and then It lets me into OSX Lion, I have experienced no crashes while I'm using OSX Lion.. This only occurs sometimes during start ups.. I'm using Easybeast, VoodooHDA & Atheros...
  3. Yamcha

    Just Upgraded to 5850 from 5770, same scores =S

    Hi Guys, Just upgraded to a Sapphire Radeon 5850 1GB, meant to replace my Radeon 5770, and for some reason I'm getting little to no change on the scores.. While games and everything seem to be working fine, it seems like my card is not performing to its full potential.. As you guys can see the...
  4. Yamcha

    Intel HD 3000 Graphics Not Detecting (DVI)

    Hi Guys, I can't seem to get my Intel HD 3000 Graphics working, not sure If it has to do with my Z77 Motherboard, although I can successfully boot into Mac OSX Lion 10.7.4, my maximum resolution is 1024x768 & on About This Mac it says Display 64MB of Shared Memory.. Anyone know what I can...
  5. Yamcha

    What is Chimera used for?

    Hello guys! I was hoping someone could fill me in on what Chimera is used for? I've never tried it before, I've always only installed MultiBeast and thats about it.. Also how do I install Chimera? Am I supposed to install it after MultiBeast? Appreciate your help :)
  6. Yamcha

    Working Core i5 2500K, Gigabyte Z77M D3H, AMD HD 5770 1GB

    Yamcha's Build: i5-2500K, GA-Z77M-D3H, XFX HD 5770 1GB Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 7.15.38 PM.png Components Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.2GHZ Gigabyte Z77M D3H MATX Motherboard GSkill RipJaws 2X2GB DDR3 1600MHZ...
  7. Yamcha

    Cinebench OpenGL score lower on Mac OS 10.7 vs Windows 7

    Hi Guys, I'm getting a bit lower scores on Cinebench 11.5 on Mac OSX 10.7, on Windows 7 it I get a bout 11FPS higher.. Anyone know how I can fix this? Specifications on my signature.. Using a GTS 450 1GB OC'd 950/1900/2000 Windows 7 Cinebench 11.5 OpenGL 65.00 FPS Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2...
  8. Yamcha

    GTS 450 1GB Freezing During Games - Mac OSX Lion (SOLVED)

    Hi Guys, I have a problem, I've got a EVGA GTS 450 1GB, everything seems to be working, performance is also great, the only problem I'm having is games freeze when I play for more then 12-15min.. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm using Mac OSX Lion, I already did a fresh install of...
  9. Yamcha

    Gigabyte X58 UD5 - Audio Doesn't Work!! :(

    Hi Guys, I've successfully installed Snow Leopard for a friend, but I cannot get the ALC889 working, Voodoo HDA works but with a buzzing sound, and he wants the ALC889 to work.. Anyone know what I can do to get this working?? It's driving me nuts.. Specifications: Gigabyte X58 UD5 Motherboard...
  10. Yamcha

    How To Format an SSD?

    Hi Guys, Any tips on how to format SSD to restore full performance? I've tried PartedMagic, but that didn't help.. I have a Crucial 64GB SSD supposed to get reads up to 415MB/s I get around 260MB/s
  11. Yamcha

    GTS 250 Performance issues under Lion (SOLVED)

    Hi Guys, I fresh installed OS X Lion a while back, everything works except the graphics card isn't performing as well as it should, there is also no ripple effect in dashboard, games do work but again they perform horrible on Lion, but perfectly on Snow Leopard.. I've got a GTS 250, I chose...
  12. Yamcha

    Core i7 920, EX58-UD5, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Crash

    Hi Guys, I'm installing Snow Leopard (Retail DVD) on a friends system, but I'm unable to boot into Mac OS 10.6 using the latest version of iBoot, what happens is I get a AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Timed Out and it just hangs there.. Anyone know what might be causing the problem...
  13. Yamcha

    Horrible Geekbench Score in Windows & Mac :(

    Hi Guys, So I'm having some issues, I successfully got Snow Leopard working but I'm getting horrible Geekbench score of 7654 (32-Bit), I get the same on Windows 7 64-Bit.. Anyone know what might be causing this problem? I've tried setting system to optimized defaults, no luck.. I've seen...
  14. Yamcha

    Whats the Best Graphics Card Under $85?

    Hi Guys, What's the most compatible Graphics Card up to the $85 price range, I want something that will work out of the box if possible with Snow Leopard & later Lion Any recommendations? My system specs are on my signature.. Appreciate any feedback :]
  15. Yamcha

    iBoot Restarts Core i5 2500K, GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3, (RESOLVED)

    Hi Guys, I've just put a system together, and whenever I attempt to boot to the Snow Leopard Installation screen the system restarts, I've already enabled AHCI & HPET 64-Bit, unless I missed something.. I'm using an Asus External DVD Drive through USB, maybe its the cause? I'm going to be...
  16. Yamcha

    Delete Thread - Wrong section

    Delete Thread, I made it in the wrong section..
  17. Yamcha

    Will This H67 Build Work?

    Hi Guys, So I've been thinking about building a new PC & Selling the old one.. But does anyone know If it'll work with Snow Leopard? I think I've chosen supported components, but I need to confirm.. Specifications Intel Core i3 2100 3.1GHZ (LGA1155) Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3 Motherboard OCZ 2X2GB...
  18. Yamcha

    CPU Speed Reading Incorrect..

    Hi Guys, This is cosmetic issue, but when I click About This Mac, it shows a speed of 4.30GHZ, when I open system profiler It says 4.42GHZ, which is the accurate reading.. My question is how can I fix the incorrect reading on About This Mac? Appreciate your help :D
  19. Yamcha

    Enable or Disable EIST? - Solved

    Hi Guys, Should I be enabling EIST or disabling it. My Core i5 540 is at 4.41GHZ (Prime Stable). But I've noticed that with it enabled I get a really high Geekbench score, where as with it disabled I get a really low score.. The real question I have is, will snow leopard perform better if I...
  20. Yamcha

    How do I hide or change the Chameleon boot loader theme?

    Hi Guys, Anyone know how i can remove or change the chameleon boot loader theme? basically I just want to see the apple logo, just like on a real mac.. Appreciate your help :)..