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  1. ballantine

    << Solved >> i3 9100F, Asus H110M GTX650Ti everything works but not smoothly!!

    I am currently upgrade the cpu from i3 6100 to 9100F and modded the mainboard asus H110M to use it (don't want to spend much on desktop for normal stuff). May graphic card is gtx650Ti, wifi TP link 4800, BT usb dongle, 8G ram . everything works (include sleep) but the macos not run smoothly...
  2. ballantine

    no audio on the front audio jack

    hi guys, I have installed EC on H110 system with ALC887. I installed ALC887 and 100 seri audio kext. The internal speaker works fine (back panel jack) but my front panel audio jack has no sound. Do you guys have any suggestion for this. Thanks for your time
  3. ballantine

    HD530 on Multibeast 9.0 cause panic

    I install fresh Sierra by Unibeat 7.0. Post-install by Mutibeast everything ok (Clover, audio, ethernet) but HD530 cause kernel panic. My system: Intel i3 6100 Ram 8G Asus H110M-E HD530 I attach screen shot by -v boot option (sorry for my bad camera)