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  1. AaronVey22

    [HELP] SSD not booting

    So, my Toshiba Satellite C650-06E will not boot from my SSD when i have clover installed on it. It will just completely skip booting from my SSD and go to NetBoot. So i have to insert my USB drive, which REALLY annoys me. also my ssd is formatted as gpt with apfs
  2. AaronVey22

    Satellite L500-00F High Sierra Problems

    So, my laptop (A Toshiba Satellite L500-00F) gets stuck at the prohibitory sign when trying to boot from my high sierra USB. Three different problems have occurred: 1. When my 8GB RAM stick is on the bottom RAM slot, It will get stuck at End RandomSeed and a wall of + and then reboot 2. When my...