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  1. fivos1996

    Intel HD 5500 Graphics not recognized by Mojave

    Hi. What's your CPU?
  2. fivos1996

    VoodooPS2Controller.kext Stop Working on Setup

    Since your touchpad is I2C, of course it won't work with VoodooPS2Controller.kext. Have you tried both RehabMan's and acidanthera's VoodooPS2Controller.kext?
  3. fivos1996

    Help! Extremely slow ui

    Upload two copies of ioreg, one with the system working OK and another one when the problem occurs.
  4. fivos1996

    Wifi Not Work On SSD EFI Help Urgent!!

    What happens if you copy the entire EFI folder from the USB drive into the SSD's EFI partition?
  5. fivos1996

    [SOLVED] AR3011 Bluetooth not working - updated IOath3kfrmwr for 10.14+ now available

    Does it still work if you remove IOath3kfrmwr.kext?
  6. fivos1996

    Panic when trying to boot with Clover, works with OC.

    Hi all. I'm facing a stange problem again. I have 11.0.1 installed onto an external drive and everything works using OC but I get this kernel panic every time I try to boot using Clover: "Rooting from the live fs of a sealed volume is not allowed on a release build" makes me think there's...
  7. fivos1996

    Audio problem on Acer V5-573G, Haswell, ALC-282, AppleALC, Big Sur, OpenCore

    Hi. I have the same audio codec on my HP laptop and mine works using layout-id 3 and AppleALC.kext. What layout-id are you currently using?
  8. fivos1996

    macOS Big Sur Wi-Fi icons location

    Those should be located under /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreWLANKit.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ Open the file using the Asset Catalog Tinkerer program.
  9. fivos1996

    [SOLVED] AR3011 Bluetooth not working - updated IOath3kfrmwr for 10.14+ now available

    Yeah I don't think you'll have any luck trying to get it working. Replace your wireless card with a BCM94353HMB.
  10. fivos1996

    Power AC Charger shows 45w instead of 130w

    Ignore it. Mine shows the exact same AC adapter serial number as yours and I'm using an HP laptop. I don't know if it's possible to change this. The nice thing is that my laptop came with a 45W charger so at least that part is correct for me. Are you using ACPIBatteryManager.kext?
  11. fivos1996

    [HELP] BCM94352Z Bluetooth works Wifi don't on big sur

    The BCM4316 chip isn't supported. You need a BCM4350, 4352 or 4360 chip. Avoid older chips such as BCM4322 or 4331.
  12. fivos1996

    macOS Big Sur Wi-Fi icons location

    Also have a look at this:
  13. fivos1996

    macOS Big Sur Wi-Fi icons location

    TP-Link's wireless ulitity icons are located under /Library/Application Support/WLAN/ I did modify the icons a few years ago when I had a similar USB wifi adapter.
  14. fivos1996

    BIG BIG Issues with the Battery on macOS Big Sur

    Hi. Can you attach the original/unpatched DSDT.aml? Have you tried resetting the laptop's embedded controller?
  15. fivos1996

    [HELP] BCM94352Z Bluetooth works Wifi don't on big sur

    Pretty sure it does work since my BCM94352Z Bluetooth works under 11.0.1 using BrcmPatchRAM3.kext, BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext. Make sure you install these into /L/E.
  16. fivos1996

    How to Get Big Sur Working on Ivy Bridge CPU?

    I have a question regarding Ivy Bridge and Big Sur. Why did Apple leave the Ivy Bridge graphics kexts intact even though the 2012 and early 2013 Macs aren't officially supported by Big Sur? That seems odd to me...
  17. fivos1996

    I need help please

    The Radeon GPU is never gonna work. Wifi depends on what model the wireless card is. Most Intel AC cards are now working with itlwm.kext. In most cases audio works with AppleALC.kext and by injecting a valid layout-id. The procedures for trackpad functionality depend on the type of the interface...
  18. fivos1996

    HP laptops, Big Sur with Clover

    It can be done but apparently not easily on those affected HP laptops.
  19. fivos1996

    HP laptops, Big Sur with Clover

    Hi. Does anybody know if the latest release of Clover includes a kernel patch for the infamous Local APIC panic that occurs on HP laptops with a locked MSR 0xE2, that works on Big Sur? Due to bandwidth limitations of my internet connection, I don't want to risk wasting 12GB if it doesn't work in...
  20. fivos1996

    << Solved >> Clover r5121 breaks HDMI audio

    Solved: Updating to 5122 fixed the issue.