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  1. cipriantepes

    macOS 10.13.2 Supplemental Update

    Hey, guys, I've had issues installing the web driver. I was getting the message like 'OS not supported' so after browsing some forums, I've fixed it by changing the System Version number from 17C205 to 17C89 - found the answer here DevTalk nvidia #63 --------- 4. Change MAC OS system version to...
  2. cipriantepes

    HEAVY LOAD = Random Reboots

    Hi, I suspect there's something wrong with the CPU, either temperature or voltage. Did you install HWMonitor and/or intel power gadget? I was getting reboots when I overclocked my i7 4770k in a wrong way.
  3. cipriantepes

    macOS 10.13.1 Update

    I've had a similar issue (somewhat). So I set CsrActiveConfig to 0x67 then I removed all NVDA* from /S/L/E and /L/E then I booted with nv_disable=1. You have to change CsrActiveConfig to 0x0 in clover THEN install Nvidia web driver. After driver installation, before rebooting, you can switch...
  4. cipriantepes

    macOS 10.13.1 Update

    New NVIDIA version 378. released
  5. cipriantepes

    [Solved] CustoMac automatically wakes after sleep

    Hi, I was having the same problem due to an external HDD connected via USB. BTW, here's my boot:
  6. cipriantepes

    High Sierra kernel_task high memory

    Hello, I have a question for you all. Is it normal for kernel_task to take ~8GB of memory? Are these normal values? I feel that my hackintosh is a bit sluggish. I do have many things open but the system doesn't feel 'snappy' at least comparing to windows 10 with the same amount of...