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  1. stefarossi

    Manual speaker and headphone selection

    Hello everybody, my case does not support "audio sensing": it does not recognise automatically when headphones are connected to the front panel. So, I'm trying to apply the customization #2 ("Manual Speaker and Headphone Selection") from toleda's customization guide. I couldn't really...
  2. stefarossi

    Dual display not working in Yosemite/El Capitan

    Hello everybody, I have an NVIDIA GT 610 attached to two monitors, one connected to the VGA port and one connected to the DVI port. They used to work fine in Mountain Lion, but as soon as I upgraded to Yosemite, the monitor connected to the DVI port stopped being recognised. The EFI, the...
  3. stefarossi

    Apple Bluetooth Card A1044

    Do you think it's possible to solder the Bluetooth card A1044 to a USB cable? It looks like this: