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  1. MikkoLapiz

    USB mouse not working after upgrade to Yosemite

    I have this problem too. I can't use my trackpad+keyboard now.
  2. MikkoLapiz

    IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. Not working in Chamaleon.

    Hello. I bought this bluetooth a month ago, I have the Magic Trackpad and the Bluetooth Keyboard, they work great on OS X but I can't use them on Chamaelon, so I am unable to choose between HDD's. It's very frustrating. Is there a way to make them work in Chamaleon? My motherboard is...
  3. MikkoLapiz

    NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

    GT 640 not supported. :(
  4. MikkoLapiz

    How to undo OpenCL patch?

    Hello, I tried the OpenCl patch for my card once but now I bought a GT 640 and I would like to keep libclh.dylib unpatched. How can I do it without reinstalling again? I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Thanks!
  5. MikkoLapiz

    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    I did the same! How can i restore the 10.8.2 original kext now? is there any upload of it?
  6. MikkoLapiz

    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    Same problem with my GTS 450.
  7. MikkoLapiz

    OSX freeze after installing official nVidia Fermi drivers

    I tried that with NiBiTor.v5.9 on Windows but there is no pci option that could be changed, how do you change the bios setting on Leopard? :( EDIT: Lol, ok, you ment the PC bios, i just did that, let's see if it works for me :)
  8. MikkoLapiz

    OSX freeze after installing official nVidia Fermi drivers

    How do you do that? I want to do the same.
  9. MikkoLapiz

    [SOLVED]I love you all..... Almost there! EVGA GT 240

    Hi Sam! you wrote it wrong. You got to write it like this: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>yes</string> :thumbup:
  10. MikkoLapiz

    Mac OS X 10.6.6 Update - The Official Thread

    Yes, I'm getting the "MZFinance.NoGUIDTokenFailureKey_message" and there are people with real macs that are reporting the same error too. Other than that, everything went ok, at least as it was. Reinstalled Nvida drivers after update but my GTS 450 still freezes whenever it wants. Hope that...