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  1. qbe

    Vega+FCPX H.264 export breaks with whatevergreen/vegafixup

    when I add whatevergreen kext or vegafixup kext, FCPX direct export to h.264 through compressor template freezes the computer when i run without these kexts, export is fine i do need one of those kexts to have display port working (4k screen) and dual screen setup (with hdmi HD screen) is...
  2. qbe

    FCPX and dual cards effect

    Hello, I am wondering, did you feel any better fcpx responsiveness or difference apart from better render times by adding second card? also message to rwillet, hope he peaks here: which ports you use for tripple monitor setup and do you use stock framebuffer? Which one? Tx
  3. qbe

    how to disable HD4000 in windows 7? Note: disable in BIOS is not possible

    hello im using HD4000 to boot to OsX 10.8.4 to utilize my amd 7970 without white screen or sleep trick. Basically the machine boots with hd4000, i see boot screens on dedicated HD4000 output. When desktop appears it switches to my 7970 without the need for any workarounds. Both gfx are...