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  1. etorix

    To Moderators: Common sense please!

    I see this: The reason being that I quoted the motto of the Order of the Garter in the language in which it is written at Her Majesty's Court. One hardly gets more English than that… (Or the Rules should be amended to require "American only", not "English only".) Besides that it was a rather...
  2. etorix

    Lenovo goes ARM

    It looks like the exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm has expired and Windows for ARM is going mainstream. This ARM Thinkpad has very few ports and a bezel for its camera (above the screen, not a...
  3. etorix

    Big Sur and Monterey in the news

    For a wildfire. In mid-January. :eek:
  4. etorix

    CPU wrapping (SSDT-CPU-WRAP, SSDT-CPUR, "ACPI0007")

    The problem OS X expects processors to be declared in ACPI through Processor() objects, in accordance with versions 1.0 (December 1996) and 2.0 (July 2000) of the ACPI specification. Version 3.0 (September 2004) of the ACPI specification introduced (and obviously favoured) declaring processors...
  5. etorix

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte C246-WU4 and C246N-WU2 workstation(-lite) motherboards

    For my first post, I have the pleasure to report success with two C246 motherboards from Gigabyte, ATX-size C246-WU4 and Mini-ITX C246N-WU2. I do not intend to make a fully detailed guide: It suffices to follow the official OpenCore guide (0.6.4 as tested) for Z370/Z390, except for three points...