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  1. Davirus

    [Solved] XFX GTX 1080 Strange Freeze

    Not sure if this counts as freeze, but the only solution is hard reboot the computer: What I have tried: - Updating the nvidia web drivers - Unplug and Plug the DisplayPort cable after the crash - Turning On and Off the display - Wait 15 minutes to...
  2. Davirus

    Switching video cards

    I own a GTX980ti but the nvidia web drivers are way too unstable for me, Im constantly getting nvidia crashes that reboot the whole system. So, Im planing to use an older but native compatible with OSX video card only for OSX and use the 980ti on Windows. Is possible to have both GPU in the...
  3. Davirus

    Strange artifacts with GTX 980ti

    Some artifacts have been appearing today as well Adobe Premier have been rendering videos with similar artifacts and distortions. Usually they go away if I reboot the computer, but sometimes they come back. I started to experienced this with the new nVidia web drivers (346.02.03f03)...
  4. Davirus

    Possible Security Issues

    Someone knows if I should be worried about these messages?
  5. Davirus

    Dumb easy (i think) question.

    If my CPU multiplier is constantly changing does it means that I have SpeedSteep enabled and working?
  6. Davirus

    3930k suddenly is unknown

    I remember that OSX used to detect my 3930K as a Xeon processor, but, since the latest Chimera update it started to show as unknown. I manually modded it to show even more "accurate" information But other applications, such as MachineProfile, still fails to correctly detect my CPU. Also...
  7. Davirus

    Unknown CPU

    Everything seems to work fine, but I just don't know how fix this. I'm getting "unknown" in the CPU name, If I install a previous version of Chimera It go back to Xeon (I'm using a i7 3930k) but as soon as I install the latest Chimera (3.0.1) it starts to show Unknown CPU. Here it is...
  8. Davirus

    Really Strange

    Multibeast doesn't work I'm really lost here. I had running my hack 2 years without any major problem, but with just the new 10.9.4 update some really weird stuff is happening. I don't know who to blame, the new update or the multibeast installer. ------------- I updated to 10.9.4...
  9. Davirus

    10.9.3 + Triple Display = Problem

    I'm experiencing some troubles with the 10.9.3 update. I'm using a GTX 770 (PNY) with a triple display configuration (DVI-D + DVI-I + DP) and everything was working without troubles since the release of Mavericks. But as soon as i updated to 10.9.3, OSX fails to detect the 3 screens...
  10. Davirus

    X79 SpeedStep

    I'm wondered, I have readed that in 10.9.2 most X79 CPU's now have SpeedStep working OOB, and some other people say that's wrong. I have noticed my CPU (3930K) actually change frequencies, but not sure if that means I have SS enabled features. Is there any new information about it?
  11. Davirus

    i7 3930K works only with VoodooTSCSync

    As the title says. I just recently updated my Ga-x79-ud5 bios to F13W and the first problem I had after that was that I couldn't boot. But I found that if I disabled all cores and HyperThreading I could boot fine into OSX. I found latter about "VoodooTSCSync" fix this problem. My...
  12. Davirus

    Successful GTX 770 2GB

    Maybe most of you know this already but I wanted to add my self into the success list of this card. I recently bought the PNY GTX 770 with Titan Cooler and it works without the need to do anything else. Also it works with triple screen immediately. OpenCL seems to work fine and it works...
  13. Davirus

    Brief blue screen

    I'm just restored my system because a really estrange after effects behavior, but after the time machine restore everything is perfectly functional, just this another estrange new behaviour. The screens, just after the system logging they goes blue screen for brief seconds and they go back to...
  14. Davirus

    Random Kernel Panic (GTX 670 + GF 210)

    I just did a clean install some weeks ago since I got a new SSD, since then I have been experiencing some random kernel panics related to two kexts: · NVDAResman.kext · GeForce.kext Can't tell what's is triggering it, since It happens randomly. I believe it may be related to the Geforce...
  15. Davirus

    Gtx 670 + gf 210 = slow

    I bought a new NVIDIA GeForce 210 for my two additional VGA screens, but since I plug in the GF 210 the performance in MacOS dropped really bad. The whole interface, animations and responding speed became low. I'm SUPPOSING it's because, somehow, mac os is taking the 210 as the main video...
  16. Davirus

    Gt210 + gtx 670

    GT210 + GTX 670 ¿Does it work? I have read that the G210 works OOB but also I had seen some isssues reporting that it only works with GraphicsEnabler=yes or modifying the DSDT.
  17. Davirus

    Two nVidia cards

    I currently have a GTX 670 working fine, but I can't manage to get my tree screens to work, only 2 (it seems this is a very well know issue on nVidia cards). I made a thread some days ago talking about the Matrox TripleHead2Go (TH2G), but the resolution limits on Mac OS are a deal breaker...
  18. Davirus

    Matrox DualHead2Go: Triple Screen?

    I found there is a Mac OS compatible device, the Matrox GXM. But since the triple display problem it's only present on Mac OS, I'm considering to buy "DualHead2Go" and connect my 3th screen directly to the video card. So it goes: Screen 1: DualHead2Go (DVI-I) Screen 2: DualHead2Go...
  19. Davirus

    GTX 670 Low Performance

    I have been doing some LuxMark tests, and after comparing to other people with GTX 670 I found I have a really low performance. Mine is the one with the user Name Davirus: 245 Any clue what could be doing that? I have the multibeast patch for enable OpenCL and I have CUDA running...
  20. Davirus

    UDK Visual error

    I have been experiencing some odd graphic errors while using UDK. All the lighting seems to be rendered wrong, and it that's the look when I launch the program, when running the map examples everything seem pitch black. With my ATI 6870 UDK runs fine, I was expecting more performance with...