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  1. torchmedia

    Swapped from Asus z370 to Asus z390, won't boot.

    At this moment the only hardware swapped was the motherboard, moving from ASUS TUF Z370 to ASUS Prime Z390. CPU, memory, GPU, SSDs all remain the same. Getting KP: AppleNVMe Asset failed ...... IONVMEController.cpp line: 5416 - I've updated BIOS to newest version - Optimized BIOS and then...
  2. torchmedia

    Dell T3500 second part of installation failing

    Bios is updated to A17 Bios reset to factory default, then Drive mode changed to AHCI. I was able to get to the installer and begin the Mojave installer. After the first reboot, I got to Clover and selected "Install macOS from macOS" (the SSD) as you normally would. However, I am unable to...
  3. torchmedia

    Need help with 8700k using UHD 630

    Hi all, I upgraded to Mojave without realizing the nVidia drivers were not ready. So for now, I am trying to use the UHD 630 instead, but having trouble with it. I have Bios configured to use it with 1024mb pre-allocated for it. Loads in at 1080p but only showing 7mb of memory available...
  4. torchmedia

    XPS 9360 Installation stalling at 2 minutes left

    Dell XPS 9360 i7-8550U QHD+ Screen Intel 620 Graphics 16GB RAM 512GB SSD - Samsung PM961 / 68V6F Dell bios 2.6.2 I've configured my BIOS settings as recommended, and made extra changes for DVMT as such: CFG Lock - Disabled 0x4de - 0x00 DVMT Pre-allocation - 0x785 - 0x03 (64M. 96 and 128 were...
  5. torchmedia

    Dell NEW XPS 15 2-in-1 Radeon RX Vega M GL?

    This new laptop comes with a Radeon RX Vega M GL card. Does anyone know if this card would be natively supported with acceleration in macOS?
  6. torchmedia

    Really Frustrated with GTX 1080TI and Laggy Chrome

    High Sierra 10.13.4 nVidia web drivers rolled back to 103/106 GTX 1080TI Asus Tuf x370 SMBIOS set to iMac18,3 I think i've tried all the tricks, but I've still got a really laggy, choppy, slow chrome. And since I am a web developer and 95% of my day is spent in Chrome, it's come to the point...
  7. torchmedia

    [Success] 8700k, ASUS Z370 TUF Plus Gaming, EVGA 1080 Ti

    Introduction I spent a lot of time on trial and error with this build due to my monitor / 4k setup, so some of my choices may be due to the boot results I wanted. These are my system specs: Mobo: ASUS Z370 TUF Plus Gaming CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k GPU: EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 Black Edition Ram: 32GB...
  8. torchmedia

    [Solved] Updated Clover & BIOS - Lost Nvidia 1080 GPU

    Running Sierra 10.12.6, my installation was perfect until I foolishly upgraded my BIOS and Clover. I was attempting to get Clover to run at higher res so it would look nice. My board is Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 BIOS v.F23a Clover 4152 Installed Bios Settings: In BIOS Features: Fast Boot...
  9. torchmedia

    Weird vertical lines on Philips BDM4350UC

    Hi guys, I'm getting some weird, matrix-y vertical lines on my new Philips BDM4350UC. Running on a GTX 970 using the latest available drivers on my custom Hackintosh build. Connected via DP1.2 cable. See video below. As I switch between monitor color profiles, the weird lines show up. Comes...
  10. torchmedia

    Is there a flawless ITX Sierra install yet?

    I built a new system back in May using the GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 and it seems to be a hot mess in Sierra. I think this site should do a bit of a better job on vetting these boards before listing them on their buyer's guide. That being said, I would happily purchase a new ITX board to replace it...
  11. torchmedia

    Dell XPS 13 L322X Audio on Yosemite

    I am trying to install the ALC275 Kext and patch that are available from this thread ( I have my XPS 13 up and running on Yosemite using the Clover guide posted in this forum. I've installed the ALC275 kext listed, and I...
  12. torchmedia

    Dell XPS L322X not loading installer

    Hey guys, I am not able to get through to the main install screen. I am able to boot, but it crashes before I can even get to the initial installer screens. Any ideas? Screenshot attached
  13. torchmedia

    Freezing z87x-ud3h: Is it the memory or the MB?

    My system started to randomly freeze on me, getting progressively worse until eventually it would not even reach Chimera on boot. I formatted and re-installed Mavericks and all appeared well again, but then freezing started over after a while and after I had loaded on many of my apps. My...