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  1. damjaybam

    Final Cut Pro "stabiliser" crashes system with VEGA64

    Hello, I followed the great guide from pastrychef to run my HackMac. The system runs very well but only FCP brings me crash after crash... Before changing my ID from iMac to iMac Pro I even had crashes with simple colour corrections now the only reproducible error is when using stabiliser...
  2. damjaybam

    4K / 60Hz over HDMI ITX Build, advise please ?!

    Hello, I need a new ITX build but i have the problem that it HAS to work with my TV-Display which has only HDMI as input option. I thought of an Skylake H170 MotherBoard + Intel i7 6700 + AMD RX460 Can please anybody tell me their experience which HDMI 4K / 60Hz ? Thanks a lot in advance !